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5 Best Sites to Decode a VIN Number for Any Toyota

If you want to know more about a Toyota, then you need the VIN number. It will tell you more from the model to the spare parts you need when it’s time to repair. You will also know if you should own the car or not.

Some of the used vehicles have got issues out here. Suppose you didn’t get a chance to check with the authorities while shipping. Don’t worry. Here are the five best sites to decode your Toyota VIN within a few minutes.

You only need the number to get everything else. For those who don’t know where to get the VIN, here is an explanation to guide you. After that, we will review the web platforms to help you decipher the characters.

What is a Toyota VIN?

A VIN is a 17-digit character code that people use to identify cars. It’s unique to every vehicle, meaning every Toyota has one that aids in proper identification. You can get the number on your log book or insurance documents.

Another part to look at is the Toyota itself. They include the front mirror near the dashboard on the driver’s side or the door jamb. You can also check the engine block and other parts, such as the electronic system.

For the last one, you can get that in the latest models. You must confirm the number from different positions to ensure that it’s the same all through. After that, note it somewhere and perform a Toyota VIN check using the following recommendations.

Top 5 Online Toyota VIN Decoders


5 Best Sites to Decode a VIN Number for Any Toyota

In 2022, you don’t need to struggle to decode your Toyota VIN. If you can’t get help from the nearest Toyota branch, you can rely on powerful websites such as VinPit. It’s an easy-to-use web platform since it will only require the VIN.

There is no need to create accounts here or sign up for some newsletters. VinPit leaves such practices to platforms that would like to waste your time. So, it’s a matter of feeding the characters, hitting the search button, and that’s it.

Everything is evident once you get to the website. You can click on the VIN Decoder tab to get the service directly via the top navigation. To get a dedicated VIN lookup in VinPit website, you can go to the Toyota page.

That involves scrolling down the VIN Decoder page to get popular car brand links. Once you get the Toyota link, click and enter the 17 digits as they are. You get the decoded report for free after a few seconds.

It will include the information gotten from the characters. That will include the car’s origin, make, model, sequence number and year of manufacture. You will also note if the VIN is invalid.

More to that will include Toyota’s history. It will have information about the previous ownership, accidents and repair reports, and criminal involvement. VinPit will get even the last speeding ticket the vehicle received before the resale.

You can trust this website to give you comprehensive information about Toyota. That also applies to other car models as well. It’s therefore much better to check the website to see what else is available.


VinAudit will also quickly get you a Toyota report once you enter the VIN characters. The service started in 2012, and the company is still going strong. It is an ideal solution because they get the car’s information directly from the source.

There are no mediators, and that’s great for those who would like to get the actual information. One search will cost you a dollar. If you have multiple searches to perform, you can get that at $20 per month.

The only thing you will miss from the reports is detailed information about the car’s usage. The details will tell you about the car, but you will not know anything recorded outside the NMVTIS database.

So, it’s an excellent website to get Toyota’s original information.


CarVertical is another dependable platform if you would like to decode your Toyota’s VIN. What makes it likeable is that it depends on blockchain to give you the details. That tells you no one can alter the information since there is more than one verification source.

Apart from the car’s make, model and year of manufacture, you also get police records. So, you will know if the car is involved in theft or other criminal activities. More to that will include all the recorded repairs and maintenance schedules.

Since the website is blockchain-based, you also get information from other countries. That means you will not miss the correct mileage reading and how the car was used before the resale.

XML VIN Decoder

This is an application that you can download on any computer OS environment. It’s from DataOne Software developers, including Toyota, among other car brands. After feeding the VIN, you get the data in an XML format.

So, you can guess where the XML is coming from after reading the name. The decoded data will have the car’s features, dimensions, color, warranty information and spare parts. The developers usually update the database weekly.

The only flaw is that you may have to wait about an hour before everything is set up. After that, you can always send the VINs and get the appropriate information.  


Lastly, we have EpicVIN, another platform you can rely on for the Toyota VIN decoding service. It’s US-based, and most of the data come from the NMVTIS. So, if you are checking a Toyota from the country, you’ll get the correct information.

The database has over 40 million records. So, it’s a website that can give you everything from the manufacturer’s details to the last speeding ticket. The interface is not the best, but you will not miss the input field after loading the homepage.

The website has better pricing packages if you perform more than a few VIN checks.


Performing a Toyota VIN lookup only requires a device with an internet connection. We have presented you with web and downloadable options to check the VIN by yourself. So, it’s a matter of loading the favorite platform, entering the VIN and waiting for the report.

You can start with VinPit to see how things work. It’s easy to use since you only need the 17 digits to complete the task. So, don’t drive or purchase that Toyota model before knowing what’s at stake.

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