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5 Marketplaces to Buy Blog Posts Online

If you want to boost your blog writing and SEO efforts, consider using ready-made blog articles. Article writers have experience in many fields, and they will be able to help you create an article that ranks higher. It would help if you also researched your topic, as writing inaccurate articles can damage your brand.

Fresh, regular blog articles are vital to increasing search engine rankings. They not only help to keep your content current but also provide readers with current information. The more recent data you have, the more likely readers will find it helpful. In addition to providing new information, fresh content helps keep search engines happy as it shows your site is credible, related, and relevant to the topic. 

Top 5 marketplaces to Buy Blog Posts and Done For You Content

Quality is one of the essential factors in selecting a blog writing marketplace. A well-written blog has a good SEO impact. Search engines reward websites that post fresh content regularly. A quality blog will be based on research and relevant data. 

Below are the top 5 marketplaces to buy blog articles and ready-made content for your blog.

1. Article Market

Article Market is a newcomer on the block regarding blog article marketplaces. It’s straightforward to signup, add credits, and download articles immediately. You can quickly get in contact with the managers. Most of the time, they respond to email messages within the same business day. 

They offer three different types of articles:

  1. Re-Write: Editor will rewrite a selected article. Suitable for PBNs, 2nd tier links, guest blogs, etc. 
  2. Compose: Editor will write a new fresh article around a similar article that you select.
  3. Custom: Expert editors write a custom article around the instructions and keywords you provide. 
  • Quality: Great for Price
  • Price: $8/1,000 word article (standard quality)
  • Turnaround Time: Instant – 45 minutes
  • Refund Policy: Only on unused credits

Visit for more information

2. iWriter

There are a few things to know before signing up with iWriter. For one, they have strict rules about spam. The site also does not tolerate poor-quality articles. The cost of iWriter services can vary. If you want to save time and effort, you can choose an option that offers unlimited editing at no extra charge. You can also choose from thousands of writers available for hire. If you want to select a writer based on their reputation, you can pay as little as $1.25 for a single article. The platform also allows you to create a list of your favorite writers and hire them to write for you in the future. As long as you follow the guidelines and communicate with your writer, you should have no problems using iWriter.

  • Quality: Mixed, some good, some bad
  • Price: $8.25/1,000 word article (standard quality)
  • Refund Policy: Only on unused credits

Check out iWriter’s website for more information.

3. TextBroker

Textbroker is an online marketplace that matches writers with clients. The website offers several services, including direct orders sent to the author’s inbox. Open Orders, meanwhile, allow the client to choose from a range of different writers for a specific project. Textbroker clients can also choose to place recurring orders, saving time. After signing up, clients can search for and select writers based on the categories and the type of content they need to be written.

One of the most notable features of Textbroker is that there is no posting fee. However, users must have sufficient funds in their account before they can place an order. 

Textbroker has a feedback system that helps you find writers with the right skills. You can also outsource specific tasks if you don’t want to hire an entire team. Two options for outsourcing your content needs are self-service and managed service. You can also choose an open order, available to all writers on the site.

  • Quality: Mixed, Not the greatest for higher pricing
  • Price: $19/1,000 word article (lowest quality)
  • Refund Policy: Only on unused credits

Visit Textbroker for more information.

4. UpWork

Upwork is free to join and apply for freelance jobs. If you’re looking for short-term or long-term writers, Upwork has plenty of writers. You can find freelancers from many different countries in different languages. The site has over 12 million freelancers and over five million registered clients. It has live chat support available to help you with any problems. Upwork is excellent when you need to find or recruit new writers to add to your team.

  • Quality: Very Mixed; I had to spend time and money finding good writers.
  • Price: $15/1,000 word article on average (lowest quality)
  • Refund Policy: Limited, but you can reject work until satisfied.

Check out their website at

5. Expired Articles

An honorable mention is The genius developer at Dropl built a massive database of expired domains, scraping the articles that were once live on those domains. They scraped and indexed over 20 million articles from 160+ languages. Dropl has affordable monthly subscription plans to download all the expired articles you need. 

For more info, check out

What are expired domains?

Expired domains are a great way to save money on domain names. Expired domains are available for as low as $10 from any registrar. Many have backlink profiles pointing to them, which can be highly beneficial for search engine rankings.

Other ways to get help with blog writing

Blogging can be a challenging process, and there are some tools you can use to make it easier. The first step is to create an outline of your post. A template is a way to stay on track and avoid making mistakes. You can also get someone to proofread your work or use an editor like Grammarly to check your spelling and grammar. Finally, include images to support your posts – social networks prioritize images in their content.

Using freelance blog writers is another way to get help with blog writing. These freelancers have experience with blogging and know how to create engaging content. However, hiring a freelancer requires you to manage the process – you must create guidelines and set deadlines, edit their work, and give feedback. Additionally, you may have to pay for the content if the writer doesn’t meet deadlines.

Finding Writers on Social Media Platforms

Social media is an essential tool for freelance writers. Not only is it useful for networking, but it can also help freelancers find clients. Building up a profile on social networks can take a lot of time. Luckily, there are many tools available to manage freelancers’ social media.

Content production platforms, such as Zerys, help brands manage their content, while content producers can find top-notch writers to produce content for their websites. These platforms offer a one-time or monthly membership fee, and writers are expected to meet specific criteria for the projects they accept.

How Much Does It Cost To Write A Blog Article?

Many factors go into pricing a blog article. Depending on the niche, a blog post can vary widely in cost. Generally, a high-quality blog post will require at least two to three hours of work. This includes research, writing, and editing. The price of a blog article will also depend on the writer’s experience, industry, and requirements.

Choosing a suitable writer is essential. You can’t settle for a cheap blogger who won’t understand your industry. Cheap bloggers will probably have poor grammar and an ominous tone. They will also have plenty of spelling mistakes and won’t understand the industry, so they won’t be able to write quality content. Hiring a professional blogger will not only ensure quality content but also ensure that the article is appropriately optimized for SEO.

Professional bloggers should be able to write their blog posts within two to three hours. This timeframe will vary according to the subject, word count, and the number of details you need. Experienced writers may be able to write a post more quickly if they work with a client long-term. Long-term clients are usually rewarded with a small discount as the blogger gets to know them better.

Another way to price a blog article is to charge by the word. While a per-word pricing system is more flexible, you should agree to a minimum word count up front. This method is most suitable if your article is less than 500 words. The price should be at least $5.

A blog article is often a complex piece of writing; therefore, the cost will depend on various factors. The type of writer you choose will also determine the cost. A high-quality blog post can easily cost $100 or more. It’s also worth not skimping on quality.

Once your blog post is written and published, you should promote it on your social media accounts. You can even use hashtags to promote it. Lastly, you can use your blog article to generate leads for your business. If your content has a download link, it can fill your sales pipeline.

You should also consider the cost of your domain name. Your domain name is tied to your brand identity and can add credibility to your blog. In addition to adding credibility, domain names increase the level of professionalism for your website. For instance, domain name costs around $14 per year. You can get a free domain name with a hosting account to save money.

A professional blog must be well-designed with a custom header and a logo. There are many freelancer platforms available for these tasks for under $100. In addition, a blog should have at least two high-quality posts each week. Organic growth takes a long time, so it’s a good idea to hire a copywriter to help you speed up this process.

How Much Does an Article Writer Cost on Upwork?

The price of an article writer can vary depending on the type of article and the writer’s experience level. An inexperienced writer may charge as little as $5 per hour, while a top-tier writer may command more than $100 per hour. If you’re looking to earn money as an article writer, it’s a good idea to start by building your portfolio on Constant Content or Upwork. By consistently producing quality work, you’ll be able to increase your reputation with clients and improve your JSS on Upwork, which could lead to long-term projects. To help ensure quality work, double-check all your work before submitting it and improve your grammar by running your articles through the Hemmingway App.

The writer’s skill level determines the cost per article.

Hiring a blog article writer is a great way to improve the quality of your content, improve your content marketing efficiency, and boost your blog’s ROI. However, finding a writer with the proper skill set can be difficult. The good news is that many resources are available to help you find a writer.

A blog article writer should be passionate about their subject and have extensive knowledge in the field. Passionate writers tend to write more accurately and thoroughly about their subject. They are also more likely to stick to the facts and avoid sensationalizing. As a result, their work is more reliable and trustworthy. Some writers may have expert knowledge on their subject but may not be passionate about it.

Before you hire a blog article writer, be sure to read samples of their work. While not every writer will be the best fit for you, a writer with a solid history with other clients may be the best choice for your project. You can also view their portfolio to see if they have written in your industry.

Content Marketing Budget Vs. Quality

Suppose you want to publish your Blog articles regularly. In that case, you should know that quality articles cost money, so it’s essential to consider your publishing budget and the quality of your content. This is also important if you are working on a tight schedule. Low-cost writers may not be very professional, and their work will be generic and low-quality.


The cost of blog articles can vary greatly depending on the content you need. A niche blog, for example, will need more content and frequent posting, and the cost of blog articles will be higher. High-end content writers are specialized and have an extensive network of industry professionals and social media followers. They can also attract organic backlinks to your content. Some blog writers charge more for certain types of blog articles, such as those aimed at SEO. Blog writing services can be priced per word, post, or hour.

The cost of blog articles can range anywhere from $ 100 to $ 200, depending on the length. The cost of a high-quality post can be well worth the investment. When choosing a content writer, choose one who understands SEO and how to maximize blog posts’ SEO.


One of the big debates in the blogosphere is the question of how much to spend on blog articles. Some bloggers argue that they must publish more content to achieve top SERP rankings. According to a recent HubSpot survey, sites that publish more than 16 articles per month receive three times more traffic than those that post just once a month. So, does quantity beat quality?

There are several factors to consider. The length of a blog article plays an important role. Longer articles do well in search results, but they must be informative and targeted. The goal is to meet readers’ needs, not just the requirements of advertisers. The more articles you have, the more likely people will return to your site for more information.

How many blog posts should I buy every month?

If you want your blog to be consistent, you must write a couple of new articles each week or month. This will help build your blog page and provide more content for Google to link to. In addition, it will help your off-page SEO efforts. The number of blog articles you write per week and month will depend on several factors.

The frequency of your blog posts should match the needs of your audience. If they are looking for information about your customer journey, your post frequency will need to be higher. If your audience doesn’t want to read posts that don’t help them, it would be better to post fewer posts. In the same way, the amount of time you spend writing will determine your post frequency. However, keep in mind that you should not sacrifice quality for quantity.

Another essential factor to consider when blogging is the content maturity of your site. Adding on-page links is easy if your website is in the content maturity stage. It’s also easy to integrate content silos and add on-page links.

As a business owner, you know that having a consistent stream of blog articles is essential. You can’t expect to keep your audience interested in your content if you’re only posting once a week. A lack of blog articles can be detrimental to the growth of your business. The best way to ensure a consistent flow of content is to hire a professional writing company. These writers have years of experience and are flexible enough to meet the demands of a business.

Writing Consistent and Balanced Blog Articles Every Month

Writing consistent and balanced blog articles every month requires organization. It is important to set a publication schedule and assign tasks. It is also essential to define your objectives and schedules. In addition, it is advisable to hire a professional writing company if you find it challenging to complete the writing tasks independently.

Having a publishing schedule for your blog articles is one of the best ways to ensure you consistently post new content regularly. It’s essential to gain a following and keep your readers interested. Publishing each article manually can be time-consuming and distracting, so it’s best to use an automatic schedule to ensure your content is continuously published on time. Not only will this ensure that you never miss a post, but it’ll also save you a lot of manual labor.

Why do I need high-quality blog posts?

Building a loyal audience is an essential part of running a successful blog. However, establishing a loyal audience alone will not bring you success. You must also be willing to listen to what your audience wants. You can identify new topics to write about by asking them. Then, respond to their questions to keep them engaged. Fresh and relevant content can increase your ranking on search engines.

Google rewards websites that post fresh content regularly and provide real value to their users. Regularly publishing new blog posts with high-quality content is a great way to please Google and boost traffic. Creating fresh, helpful content regularly will help you establish your brand as an authority in your industry.

Is blogging good for SEO?

Blogging is an excellent way to boost your SEO results. Search engines favor websites that are regularly updated. The more content you publish, the higher your ranking will be. It’s proven that more people visit a blog than a website without a blog.

Blogs are also beneficial for businesses. They allow you to share your expertise in a way that can appeal to readers. For instance, a PT clinic can post once or twice a month and see a 45% increase in traffic. In addition, more articles on your blog increase its topic bandwidth, attracting more searches. As a result, search engines will recognize your site as an authoritative source.

Using images is another way to improve search engine visibility. Jumpshot says that 22.6% of Internet searches involve images. Of those searches, 63% of the users who click on an image end up on that website. And Jeff Bullas says that articles with images receive 94% more views than those without images. Using images makes SEO efforts easier and ensures your site will appear in more searches, thereby driving additional traffic.

Keyword Research for Search Intent

Knowing your audience’s search intent is crucial before buying blog articles and done-for-you content. Proper keyword research will help you target the most relevant keywords for your content. Doing so will increase your chances of appearing on the first page of search results.

To determine the right keywords, search for them on Google. Then, look at their popularity in the SERP (search engine result page). The popularity of keywords changes from time to time. Popular keywords may be in vogue on a particular day but lose their appeal weeks later.

Blogging Helps With Link Building

Blogging is an effective way to generate quality inbound links, which improves your website’s ranking. Links from high-quality websites signal search engines that your website is trustworthy and reliable. However, many bloggers do not spend enough time writing and optimizing their posts. As a result, their content may be less exciting or shareable. A solid blog strategy includes knowing your audience and developing unique and exciting content for each page.

Blogging can help you establish authority in your industry. By answering questions posed by readers, you can establish yourself as an expert in your niche. This will create trust among your audience, encouraging them to recommend your products and services. Blogging can also help you improve your SEO (search engine optimization), which is the process of gaining backlinks to your website.

Another benefit of blogging is that it is a great way to convert your website’s traffic into leads. You should always incorporate a call to action within your posts, which should be linked to a landing page. These pages should include a form where readers can contact you or receive a free offer.

Blogging helps you build backlinks, as each blog post can contain links to relevant pages and external websites. These backlinks are essential to increasing your site’s ranking in search engines. Google considers backlinks as the third-most-important factor for search engine optimization. Backlinks build domain authority, which boosts your website’s visibility in search engines.

How long should a blog post be?

The ideal length of a blog post depends on what type of post it is. For example, a “what is” blog post should be no more than 1,000 words. If you’re writing a pillar post on your blog, you should aim for less than 5,000 words.

The more content a blog post has, the longer your reader will likely stay on your website and lower bounce rates. But don’t be tempted to add words just to hit the minimum word count. This can backfire and lead readers to go to your competitor’s site. Instead, write content that is valuable to your readers and backed up by supplementary material.

The perfect length of a blog post depends on the topic and your audience. You should aim to write at least 2,000 words for a list post. Similarly, a how-to blog post should be around 2,300 words. But for a more detailed, informative blog post, you can aim for 2,500 words.

Knowing the target audience is one of the most crucial factors in determining the right length of a blog post. If you’re writing for beginners, you don’t want to omit the essential information. However, if you’re writing for an advanced audience, you shouldn’t explain every detail to death. An excellent way to gauge your audience is by checking comments on similar blog posts.

Is it Safe to Buy Pre-Written Blog Articles?

If you’re on a tight schedule and don’t have time to write your blog articles, you may want to purchase pre-written articles. While you should aim to publish new articles daily, some successful blogs only publish once weekly. In addition, most successful blogs focus on quality rather than quantity. That means your $75 would be more effective on a single, high-quality article than on five or six that aren’t as great.

What are the Benefits of Hiring Article Writers?

Hiring article writers can be beneficial in several ways. First of all, it can help you save time. You can focus on growing your business instead of spending time finding a writer. Another benefit is cost-effectiveness. You won’t have to waste time finding writers since you’ll need to specify your requirements and the type of content you want to publish.


There are many costs associated with hiring content marketing managers. An average package can cost over $100,000. A content marketing manager will help you create your content strategy. This will help you determine the best strategy to reach your target audience. However, it is essential to consider that this kind of service can be expensive, particularly if you have a small team.

Hiring an in-house writer may be more cost-effective than hiring several freelancers. Moreover, you can manage the workload better. In addition, hiring an in-house writer will allow you to develop the writer’s skills and confidence. This way, they can meet the growing needs of your business. Moreover, they can feel fulfilled as they advance in their career.

Hiring a professional article writing service can help you save time. The process of finding a writer is more straightforward. A professional agency will already have a team that knows the market and can find the right place for you to post your content. Moreover, you will be able to focus on your business rather than on writing articles. These companies specialize in different types of content and can help you to create a brand that will be recognizable and successful in the long run.


Hiring article writers can save you a lot of time and money. Aside from ensuring you receive high-quality content on time, an article writer can also help you expand your reach. By creating guest posts for your website, your writers can increase your visibility and generate traffic for your business.

Experience in Your Niche 

Article writers know how to write articles that capture the attention of target audiences. Their articles are well-structured and research-based. Good articles encourage readers to visit a website, read more information, or even share it with friends. When used effectively, article marketing can help your business sustain high traffic and develop regular communication with your target audience.

Increase Traffic and Sales

Hiring article writers can be a great way to increase traffic and sales. Many writing services agencies have industry-specific writers to help you with your content. These experts deeply understand your industry and can help you build your authority. Having an insider’s perspective makes you more credible and trusted by consumers, and it’s a great way to increase your brand awareness. Hiring article writers can turn a dry and technical subject into a high-impact article that will attract readers and keep them coming back.

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