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5 Most Common Reasons Why People May Fail

Well and woe is the part of our daily life. Sometime we live happily and sometimes we live in sorrow. This is the normal part of our life’s. It’s not possible for anyone to live happy all time in whole life. Failure, it is also a part of our life too. If we read famous peoples history, we can see that they were failed several times in their life, but they never give up. After a lot of struggle, they became succeed in their life. Their struggling stories are spoken as a great example of inspiration among us. Everyone remember successful people not the failures. Sometimes, failure can stand in front of us, but we have to overcome it. Otherwise we have to suffer pain in our whole life if we became failure. Now, I am sharing 5 common reasons for failure in life, so that you can understand the reasons why people may fail in their life.

1 – You set vague goals.

The biggest reason why people fail is because they do not know what they want. I recently asked my colleague Wendy what she wanted in life. She said “I want to be rich”. This is an ambitious and achievable goal, however it is vague, not measurable and it lacks a detailed plan or timeline.

Often, people set goals, short lived as they are, from a genuine desire to improve their lives. Why is it that some people not make them work? Perhaps, we should take a look at our language. Can you image how much further you would be if you stated your goals clearly. To be successful, your goal needs to be clear and stated in a positive manner. For instance, in Wendy’s example, before she sets her goal, she must define what “rich” means to her.

Secondly, to be effective she must follow the criteria of what a SMART goal looks like (special durable, achievable, realistic, and timely).

2 – You focus on the negative

Many people focus on “what they have not completed”. Successful people do not focus on their failures, they don’t blame others for their shortcomings, and they don’t complain when things don’t turn out the way they plan

Furthermore, our brains cannot differentiate between a negative or positive vision. When we have a negative vision, our brains make a picture of the very thing we want to negate. Anytime we want to “stop” doing something or want to “loose” something (i.e.) weight, these are negations.

To be successful, your goals need to be stated in a positive manner. Our “self-talk” date attitudes” and our attitudes determine our “behaviors” and our behaviors determine our “results”.

3 – You don’t take 100% accountability

When you accept that what you make of your life is up to you, then you stop blaming other people and start taking action toward the life that you want. Successful people take 100% responsibility for the outs lives. They recognize that every outcome is a direct result of how they think, act, and respond to life’s events.

4 – You don’t focus on what you want

When you let go of negative beliefs you change your self-talk which changes how your brain interprets information. Letting go of negative thought patterns, allows you to change yourselves.

Focus on your “authentic self”. Uncover the ways in which you hide your power. Start making choices based on what you want. Your behaviors must be in alignment with your attitudes and self-talk to get the results that you want.

It’s important to remember, that “you” get to choose which outcome you want. For example, if you focus on how afraid you l find more things to be afraid of. Contrary, if you focus on prosperity you will begin to see opportunities.

5 – You need a strong vision.

When you have a strong, positive vision of what you want, you tend to keep moving toward that vision. Your visions become powerful when you find the value behind them. Uncovering the “value” bd your vision, is the very thing that will keep you motivated to complete your goals.

The good news is that your success will increase 200% just by STOPPING these 5 negations.

Start today by taking responsibility, adjusting the way you think and act and allow room for personal growth and success.

Marco Polo
Marco Polo
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