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5 Reasons To Store Your Edibles Gummies In The Fridge

Cannabis has become popular in the wellness and health industry. It is an herb, which contains numerous cannabinoids, and they are natural compounds present in the cannabis plant. CBD or cannabidiol and THC or tetrahydrocannabinol are the primary cannabinoids that alleviate many health ailments. CBD derived from hemp plants contains less than 0.3% THC.

CBD comes in many forms, like oils, tinctures, edibles, topical, and vapes. It is convenient to use and has good taste. Among the different edibles, CBD gummies gained attraction among the people. Due to its popularity and the therapeutic benefits of edibles, people buy cannabidiol gummies in large amounts.

Improper storage will cause the degradation of the compound. It leads to concern for cannabis users regarding its proper storage. If you are a cannabis lover and want to store gummies for a long time, view more information about their adequate storage in the refrigerator and its reasons.


Cannabidiol gummies

CBD gummies are candies infused with cannabidiol oil. They are available in the market in gummy bear shapes, fruit shapes, froggies, and various shapes. They are delicious and available in different flavors. Most people are not interested in the earthy smell of cannabis, and they prefer this gummy to any other form.

What are the benefits of CBD gummies?

Gummies provide all the benefits same as that of cannabidiol oil. It is not having any adverse effects as it is non-intoxicating. You can enjoy gummies at any time like other candies. They are available in different dosages of CBD, and beginners should start with a low dose. Depending upon their need, increase the dosage slowly. 

The edibles provide a convenient serving size, and you can take the gummies based on the effects you need. After consuming one gummy, wait for 45 minutes and go for another to experience the first one.

Storage of CBD gummies

There is a considerable demand for these gummies in the market, and the edibles have become a commodity, and people started buying them in bulk amounts. If exposed to sunlight, air, and heat, there will be a destruction of the active constituents in the gummies. They have to store it in the refrigerator properly to avoid contamination. Keeping it in the fridge is the proper environment, which will have a longer shelf-life.

5 Reasons To Store Your Edibles Gummies In The Fridge

You should keep the CBD gummies in a dark, calm, and sealed place, and they will be perfect in the fridge. It is used as a device to control temperatures. If the gummies are stored outside, there will not be an issue. When stored in the refrigerator, it will extend the shelf-life of edibles. We will focus on the reasons for the edible’s storage in the fridge.

  • Humidity and moisture

Many factors are responsible for the proper storing of the gummies. One of the reasons is the water content called humidity. When the edibles are prone to humidity, they will be liable to moisture. Then, there will be a chance for the growth of mold. Try to keep the dry ice near the gummies in the fridge to avoid humidity.

The degradation of the cannabinoids takes place slowly and affects the quality. And, also little moisture may increase the growth of trichomes and decrease the potency of the gummies. To avoid this, you should store the edibles in the fridge.

  • Exposure to sunlight

Breakdown of cannabinoids in the gummies on exposure to the sunlight and air. The gelatin in the gummies gets melted on exposure to the light. If you want to keep it freshly, store it in the refrigerator, and avoid keeping it near the window as there will be sunlight. While holding it in your fridge, use a dark glass jar or wrap it in aluminum foil to prevent disclosure to light.

  • Sources of heat

Not only has the sunlight degraded your cannabinoids. It is a significant source of heat, and also other sources of heat affect the gummies. Exposure to air affects the edibles. Keeping the edibles in open space for more time will destroy the cannabinoids. Leaving it in the cabinet is also prone to heat, and it should be away from gloves, cup holders, and pockets when you go outside.

  • Contamination

Contaminated edibles will no longer have pure ingredients, and there is no guarantee. Storing the gummies at room temperature for a long time may result in contamination and the growth of molds. If the room temperature is below, it will also affect the quality of the gummies.

  • Bugs

It is only a minor issue, and you should take care. It will attract some bugs to the sweet. On the other hand, some bugs will eat what is in their surroundings, also CBD products. Make sure that you keep the CBD gummies where there are no insects.


Cannabis edibles should be stored safely and kept fresh to maintain their efficacy. Enjoy your favorite gummies with proper storage in the fridge. It is a great place where you can store CBD edibles for the long term.

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