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5 Steps For Smart Marketing Of Your Business

SMART Marketing…follows the 5 steps of goal setting. These 5 steps are foundational in achieving your marketing success.

S. – Strategic & Specific

State exactly what you want to accomplish (where is your market?, who you are marketing to?, what action do you want to occur?, when do expect to see results?, why is this important?) By answering these key questions it will help to drive your whole campaign.

M. – Measurable

You will need to capture, track, evaluate, and demonstrate the marketing effectiveness. (how many touches/messages were sent? how many clicks/opens did you have?, how much interest (leads) was there? where did the leads come from?, how many of those leads converted?, what is the ROI? check it out to learn more)

A. – Action-Oriented

Map out what tactical steps you need to take to deliver your message? (i.e. Acquire list source, deciding on delivery channel(s), developing content, establishing tracking systems/process, create the next step process (If success…then what?….If no success then what?)

R. – Relevant and Realistic

Your messaging must be relevant with your prospect/customer. (i.e. a “sale on pork chops” message is meaning less to a vegetarian!) If your message isn’t relevant…it is a waste of your money and a waste of time and turn off to the prospect. Your expected results should also be based off of facts….not hope.  Leverage past experience, industry metrics, gather qualified benchmarks, or ask industry experts what kind of results you should expect.

T. – Time Sensitive

Have a set deadline. Having a set deadline (and milestones) helps to motivate and structure your work time and help everyone understand what is expected and when.

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