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5 Tips for Making Money With SEO

SEO is an awesome skillset and can really be very lucrative if you can master it. Here are some tips for making money with SEO.

1. Work with an SEO Agency 

Working with an SEO agency can help you learn technical skills, including website analytics. It can also help you learn management, such as how to create presentations and pitch to new customers. 

In addition, you will have a stable job, which means you will have a consistent flow of money. You can also learn new skills from your peers, grow in your company, and get the chance to work with several brands and clients. In short, you will get more growth opportunities. 

However, there are some disadvantages to working with an SEO agency. You cannot, for example, choose brands and clients to work with. And you may not have flexible work hours as you may have to work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

2. Sell Products on Your eCommerce Website 

If you understand eCommerce SEO, then create your eCommerce website and use SEO to drive traffic to your website. You can, then, sell physical products through your eCommerce website. 

Once you pick your niche, you can now select the products to sell on your site. Do keyword research and research your audience to find relevant keywords. Potential customers use these keywords to search for particular products. 

For example, you may find that many people are looking for a ‘stainless steel pasta maker’. However, a few companies sell this product. You now know that there is a huge demand for this product. You can, therefore, plan to sell this product on your eCommerce site. 

You will still need to do an in-depth SEO competitor analysis before you make your decision. You want to make sure your eCommerce site can rank for your target keywords. It can be anything from CBD to wall vinyls.

It is easy to build a successful eCommerce brand. The eCommerce market is getting more popular. That is why it is profitable to invest in the eCommerce market. Your eCommerce website can provide you with a consistent income. 

ECommerce websites, however, have some elements of unpredictability. It can be difficult to find customers for products and challenging to scale. 

3. Dropshipping 

Use SEO to build a successful eCommerce website. If your eCommerce website is successful and your customers are looking for new products, you can make more money by dropshipping other products on your eCommerce site.  

It is easy to sell multiple products through an eCommerce website. This is because the sellers do not handle shipping and fulfillment. Dropshipping is the best way to sell products without dealing with manufacturing and inventory management. If the products do not sell, you will not lose money. 

Many online entrepreneurs love this model since it is easy and affordable to start an eCommerce business. You can just focus on marketing and scaling your eCommerce business. You do not have to pre-order products and ship products. 

How does it work? A customer visits your eCommerce website and places an order on your site. You will, then, send the order information to the drop shipper. Once the drop shipper receives the order information, they send you an invoice for that product and mail the product to the customer. Therefore, you do not have to keep inventory and ship the products. 

However, you need to create SEO-friendly content. If you want to sell some products, you need to find relevant keywords. For example, if you are promoting “vintage furniture” on your website, you have to use relevant keywords in your content. Targeting relevant keywords can increase your website traffic.

Write unique product descriptions. Do not just copy the text from the website of the manufacturer. Writing unique product descriptions can help you stand out. If you use appropriate keywords, your content will rank in the search engines. 

If you do not want to deal with handling and shipping and want to sell unique products, you can start a dropshipping business. You must make sure the products align with your ideals and values. For example, if you are a vegan, you can sell vegan beauty and skincare products on your website. Do not just sell a few products. Sell multiple products to make more money. 

Starting a dropshipping business comes with some challenges, including a third-party vendor handles production and shipping, fierce competition, and legal liability issues. 

4. Offer SEO Consulting Services

Many people want to use SEO to increase their website traffic and increase their sales. You can offer SEO consulting services to help them to use SEO to meet their business goals. 

You will help your clients improve their websites’ rankings and increase organic traffic. So, you can help them with creating effective SEO campaigns, technical SEO, website auditing, and keyword research. Lucrative niches include gaming SEO or even casino SEO. There’s a lot of demand for casino SEO as it can pay out lucratively. 

In addition, you can do a complete competitor SEO analysis and leverage this data to develop a strategy. You will, therefore, need to check the keywords, backlink strategy, and content strategy of these competitors. Remember to change your plans to keep up with Google algorithm updates and new SEO trends.  

SEO can intimidate a lot of people. If you can focus on your SEO career, it can be enjoyable and lucrative. Working with an SEO agency can help you improve your skills and gain some experience. 

If you become an SEO consultant, you will work with multiple clients and choose the brands and clients to work with. You can grow your consulting business to make more money. 

There are, however, disadvantages of SEO consulting. It takes time to gain experience. It is difficult to get new clients and clients. And it is stressful to manage clients. 

5. Start a Blog 

You can start a blog and use SEO to grow it. If you are consistent, your will increase the traffic to your blog. Once your blog gets meaningful traffic, you can now monetize it. How? Create sponsored content and post banner ads on your blog. 

You can use display ads or promote affiliate products on your blog. If you want to sell affiliate products, you will need to talk about these products on your blog. 

You have the freedom to select your niche. Some of the best niches are travel, fashion, beauty, technology, and many more. Share quality content on your blog and build a community of like-minded individuals. 

A blog gives you more freedom. You do not have to work on your blog throughout the day. And you can experiment with different types of content. 

You will still need to write good content for your blog. It, however, takes time and a lot of effort to create original, interesting, and evergreen content regularly. And you may have to deal with technical issues. You will, therefore, need help to resolve these issues.

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