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5 Tips For Storing Clothing Long Term

Like all your possessions, you want to make sure they are safe and secure. This goes for clothing as well. There are factors to consider such as whether you’ll need a vacuum seal bag for your everyday clothes, a studier plastic container, or a long garment bag for dresses, to make sure all your precious garments are protected and safe. 

Whether you’re storing baby clothes until your next little one arrives, jetting off on adventures far and wide, or you’re looking for a way to store your most spectacular dresses, then you’ve come to the right place. Below, you will find 5 helpful tips on how to store clothing for the long haul. 

1. Do Laundry Before Storing

Before storing, make sure to press and launder all your clothes. Any stain or dirt left on your clothing will be hard to remove once out of storage. Likewise, dirty clothes tend to be a magnet for insects and rodents. Therefore, wash your clothing and make sure to closely follow the laundry instructions on your clothing labels. When ready for storing, ensure your clothes are thoroughly dried. This means that your clothes will be stored safely and ready to wear when you need them again. 

2. The Vacuum Seal Debate

There’s a wide variety of vacuum seal bags available on the market, although; there is an ongoing debate about whether these are safe for your clothing or not. The main argument for not using vacuum bags is that most natural fiber clothing needs air to maintain its integrity and structure. When the air is removed, you are compressing both the fibers and your clothing. Thus, once sealed it’s hard to reverse these processes when the clothes are removed for the bag. On the other hand, it has been proven that both processes (uncompressing and compressing) require the same amount of time. Therefore, when using this process you should take into consideration what types of clothing you’re storing and how long you’re going to be storing it.

3. Say Goodbye To Plastic Bags and Cardboard Boxes

One of the best ways to store your clothing is using air-tight plastic containers with lids included. Not only do these ensure that your garments remain dry, but they also stop and prevent the growth of mildew and mold. If you decide to go along this route, then make sure your containers are dry, clean, and, for extra protection, lined with cotton sheets. These are a better alternative to storage units such as plastic bags and cardboard boxes which don’t prevent vermin or rodents from chewing at your clothes. For heirlooms items or clothing of sentimental value, you can also purchase acid-free boxes. 

4. Not Mothballs, Cedar balls

Not only do mothballs make your garment smell horrible, but they are not even 100% effective in preventing vermin or pests from reaching your clothes. Likewise, if you have children or pets these are not the best option. A better alternative option is cedar balls. As opposed to mothballs, these smell better and are more effective. Place the cedar ball on top of the container (not on the clothing) and it should prevent pests. 

5. Keep It Clean, Cool, Dark, and Dry

While many factors can affect your clothing, the most detrimental is environmental and atmospheric conditions which could damage them beyond repair. Ideally, clothing shouldn’t be stored above 73 degrees Fahrenheit with a humidity of 55% or higher. One thing to remember is that–regardless of the method you’re using–your storage space is clean and dry, this will help keep your clothes safe. Likewise, the space you’re storing your containers in should be clean, dry, and free from any pests to ensure the longevity of your garments. 

Once your clothing is stored, it’s important to make sure you check on them regularly. While some people may think that once stored, their clothing is perfectly safe; unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. By checking on your clothing regularly (this only has to be once or twice a month) you’re reducing the likelihood of your clothing sustaining long-term damage. Likewise, some people even forget that their clothing is even in storage! So making a habit of checking your clothing is beneficial. 


Whatever your reasons, if you’re looking to store your clothing for a long time, then it’s important that you do this correctly. From clean clothing, different storing methods, and prime conditions, hopefully, these 5 tips will help you in storing your clothing long-term.

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