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5 Tips for Integrating Social Media and Digital Signage Effectively

Social media continues to be a crucial part of any business marketing strategy. It is a reliable and effective platform you can use to drum up business for your company. You can post your products or services and events you want to promote for free or at a low fee on various social media channels that can potentially be seen by thousands of people.

Being active on the appropriate channels can also increase your brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites allows you to engage with your target audience and followers quickly. This will help you rank high on customer satisfaction, which will play a huge role in lead generation and getting more sales.

You can also use social media to get information about your customers and your niche. Because of this, it is an excellent additional research tool.

You can do ‌all these and more for free on social media.

Because of these reasons, digital signage experts recommend integrating your social media accounts into your digital signage system.

Best Tips for Social Media and Digital Signage Integration

Following the right steps and tips for incorporating your social media accounts into your digital signage system will help you get the most from this strategy.

Below are some of the best tips and practices for social media and digital signage integration:

1. Create social media walls.

A social media wall gathers posts or content from different social media channels and shows all of them in one place. It allows you to display feedback and social proof from your customers.

This trend is popular on social media and marketing platforms and is already spilling over to digital signage systems.

With the right content management system and additional tools, you can create social media walls, and link and post them on your digital signage. You can also manage the posts to ensure you display only the ones you like and put your company in a good light.

To catch the eye of your viewers, display posts with images or videos, since these types tend to garner attention quickly.  

2. Share plenty of customer interactions.

Boosting your brand online and increasing customer engagement are two goals you can achieve when you integrate your social media and digital signage system. You won’t be able to accomplish these when you only keep sharing posts about your products or services and events.

As such, share plenty of posts about your interactions with your customers and even your audience. This means posting the latest customer reviews or testimonials and displaying photos of what users did with your products.

You can also show customers your “tweet of the week” and inspirational customer stories.

3. Make use of social proof.

In marketing, social proof is a concept that states consumers will adapt their behavior based on what others are doing.

This idea highlights the importance of collecting and sharing positive reviews about your brand and products or services. Social media maximizes consumers’ reach and sharing capabilities of what they like and recommend to others.

Because of this, just one positive review from one of your customers can have a strong impact on your brand, similar to an expensive advertising campaign.

As such, ask people to give feedback or positive reviews, even short ones, on your social media profiles and share these on your digital signage routinely. 

4. Use content gamification.

In marketing, content gamification involves using game elements in a non-game context. An example of this is collecting points through purchases wherein customers will get discounts or gifts when they reach a certain score.

Although this strategy might require careful thought, you can start with simple gamified content, such as a hashtag campaign, where customers will take a selfie in front of or inside your store. They should then post it online using the hashtag you created for this game.

Once they have posted the photo, you can give them a reward, such as a discount or a freebie.

5. Add effective calls to action.

Lastly, make the most out of your social media and digital signage integration by including a strong, engaging CTA in your posts.

Your posts on your digital signage can help you get positive reviews and valuable feedback you can use to improve your products or services.

You can encourage your customers to share reviews or comments by including a clear CTA on your posts. It should be direct to the point and concise so that your audience will respond appropriately.

Benefits of Incorporating Social Media in Your Digital Signage System

Integrating your social media accounts and activities with your digital signage enables you to experience several benefits, including these remarkable ones:

1. You can scale your marketing campaign without spending additional time.

If you’re already active on social media, you can share your special offers, deals or promos, events, and other important updates on your digital signage system automatically if they are integrated.

You won’t have to log in to create or share these posts so your digital signage can show them. Integrating your social feeds into your content management system will make posting and sharing faster. You also increase your reach with little or no effort.

2. You can produce more content with little or no investment.

Many businesses set up a social media account or page and then create or share a post once or twice a week. Some simply let the content roll in from there. Whether or not you do this purposely, this strategy means you’re not maximizing the potential of social networking.

When you integrate your accounts or pages with your digital signage system, you’ll generate more content without spending time or money. You won’t have to invest in professional videos or images since you let your customers and followers do them for you.

The personalized content is also more authentic and will surely resonate with your followers.

3. You get free word-of-mouth marketing.

Every time someone shares your posts or mentions your brand, you get free advertising. This means your company name and products or services will appear on their walls or timelines.

As a result, their followers or friends will see these posts, allowing you to expand your scope and reach more potential customers.

Additionally, when you share fun, well-thought-out posts, you boost the chances of having more people relate to your business. Because of this, they will be more inclined to check your feed, engage with you, and share your posts. Your chances of growing your social media following organically will also be higher.

4. You can facilitate more interactions with your target audience.

When your digital signage system and social media are integrated, you let your customers know ‌you want to hear whatever they want to say.

Moreover, you let them know ‌they can reach out to you easily.

When potential customers can connect with you faster and you respond to them quickly, your chances of converting them will be higher.

Engaging with your customers after a transaction and after sharing their comments or feedback also lets you leave a lasting, positive impression on them and anyone who reads those exchanges. You’ll increase the likelihood of having more repeat and new customers.

If you have a digital signage system, include integrating social media with your platform during your digital media planning stage.

Doing so will help you get more from your marketing tool and social media marketing campaigns with less work and investment.

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