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5 Tips to Possess the Perfect Prom look

Prom night is the most significant day of our school lives and we wish everything perfect for this special night! Nowadays, with the little careful guidelines, you can lastly make the high school super bitch understand that with half the make-up she wears each day, you can look like a movie star. It’s just about selecting the correct dress for you, your size, and your style. And to peak it off for the perfect prom look, this is the most vital part, with the correct make-up. Make-up formerly meant painting and exactly making up your features to achieve whatever look you want but in contemporary era, it’s more like enhancing your own facial appearance.

There’s nothing better than planning your dress, shoes, prom makeup and hair. To make things easier, we’ve assembled the five prom makeup musts for this year’s affair. So memorize, less is always more and the more you appear like your finest self the better. Have fun!

Prom Makeup Tip #1: Select your eyes OR your mouth

The major error people make when putting on makeup is that they emphasize both the eye and the mouth. You should pick one or the other and downplay what you rejected.

How to select? Simple… What do people praise you on? Do you have Angelina Jolie’s lips or Kate Winslet’s eyes? If you opt to focus on your lips, you’ll want to go dazzling. Red is hot for prom for the perfect prom look, as are dark pinks. Just stay away from brown and make sure you maintain your eye makeup squashy and simple.

For the right way to wear red lipstick check out this article. If you want to play up your eyes, go all out with liner, shadow, mascara and even false eyelashes (the ones that aren’t abhorrent and bizarre). Just make sure you stick with light lips limited with a light gloss. Smokey eyes are a great look for prom.

Prom Makeup Tip #2: Acquire flawless skin tone.

Perfecting your skin tone can be more vital than eye or mouth makeup. But the top secret is to make it look as if you’re wearing barely any makeup.

While we believe firmly that not many women under age 25 need foundation, if you have acne or patchy skin tone, you’ll would like to cover it up with concealer and foundation for the perfect prom look.

To avoid the pancake batter look, only apply foundation on the parts of skin that are tarnished or have blemishes. Make certain to choose a foundation that flawlessly matches your skin and unify well along the jawline.

Prom Makeup Tip #3: Impersonate a celebrity look

A fine trick for those of us plagued with makeup and hair picking is to mimic a superstar look. Whoever you’re into, whether it is Paris Hilton, Mischa Barton, JLo, Carrie Underwood, or Ashlee Simpson, you can settle in their look for the perfect prom look for you.

As a skilled makeup artist did the celebrity’s makeup while you’re having your makeup done at a local parlor before prom, you can carry along the picture for your makeup artist to perfect.

It can also be simple to do it yourself as many publications name the products used on the superstar like tattoo numbing cream. This way you can apply the exact makeup your idol used. Here are some of our choicest looks:

1. Red lipstick is a great look, just make sure to pick the perfect shade and go light on your eyes; otherwise you’ll risk appearing like a Cameron Diaz ‘don’t’.

2. Penelope Cruz’s Smokey eyes: Keep in mind to maintain your cheek color natural and use a very light lipstick. See directions for how to get a smoky eye above.

3. Dark-rimmed eyes for the perfect prom look, like Katherine Heigl’s. Again, a light gloss on the lips will do well for you.

4. Sienna Miller’s sweet and sexy look: Maintain cheeks dewy with a pink blush and plump up lips with a colored gloss.

Prom Makeup Tip #4: Three things to remember for the perfect prom look.

You got to be picture perfect as you’ll have those prom pictures for years, so don’t forget these three things:

1. Apply liner and lipstick with a mirror prior to you pose.

2. Powder your oily parts like- forehead, chin and nose, instantly before the picture. Or better yet, keep blotting papers in your purse.

3. Discover out how to pose so you look ten pounds thinner.

Prom Makeup Tip #5: What to carry in your clutch bag

Every purse needs blotting papers (better than applying face powder all night, which might leave you looking like a mimic), lipstick or gloss, perfume, breath mints and a small bottle of hairspray for the perfect prom look.

Last but the most important tip- Remember that a cheerful, confident, fun attitude is your prime beauty weapon. Happily smiling face is always glowing and attractive!

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