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5 Ways to Improve Workplace Safety

When you’re running a business, workplace safety should always be a top priority. By conducting risk assessments and implementing safety protocols, you can reduce the risk of accidents, keep workers safe and protect your company’s reputation. To get started, take a look at these five ways to improve workplace safety now:

1. Carry Out Routine Building Maintenance

It’s easy to assume that relatively young buildings are always safe but, sadly, this isn’t always the case. Both the structure and its internal features should be checked regularly to ensure full functionality and safety. From structural assessments by experienced surveyors to elevator assessments conducted by professionals with elevator expertise, it’s vital to ensure that the building that houses your workplace isn’t posing a safety risk. 

2. Implement Safety Training

Safety protocols will only be successful if employees follow them, which is why it’s essential to implement regular safety training. By educating your staff, you can ensure that they’re aware of the risks – and how to mitigate them. As well as providing safety training when you’re onboarding new employees, make sure that routine safety training is carried out to remind staff how to carry out their role safely. It’s also important that your employees know how to respond to medical emergencies in the workplace. To prepare your employees for these situations, you can enroll them in a CPR and first aid training course with CPR Scarborough.

3. Check Equipment

Whether your workers are using specialist machinery in a factory setting or computer equipment in an office environment, be sure to conduct routine checks to make sure that all equipment is functioning properly and is safe to use. Jobs that involve heavy machinery, such as warehouse operatives or construction work, can be particularly dangerous but checking and certifying equipment can help to reduce the risk of accidents occurring.

4. Encourage Employee Reporting

Hazards and risks can occur at any time, which is why employees should feel comfortable alerting management to potential safety concerns. It’s likely to be team members, as opposed to managers or leaders, that first notice new safety risks, so make it easy for them to report their concerns. By rewarding employees for identifying potential hazards or facilitating anonymous reporting, for example, you can encourage team members to be vigilant about workplace safety. 

5. Provide Regular Breaks

Working for extended periods of time can lead to decreased concentration levels. Not only will this affect the accuracy and productivity levels of staff, but it could result in more accidents occurring too. By encouraging staff to take regular breaks and providing workers with rest areas, you can ensure that they are fully alert and engaged when performing their duties. As well as creating a safer workplace, you might find that this actually increases efficiency rates too. 

How Safe Is Your Workplace?

Companies are required to adhere to strict health and safety legislation and failing to do so can lead to serious consequences. Furthermore, workplace accidents can give rise to compensation claims against your business, so it’s in your interest to prioritize the workplace. By carrying out an initial risk assessment, you can identify the potential hazards that are putting employees at risk and take steps to make your workplace safer.” to “By using Simply Docs risk assessment examples, you can simply use the template to identify the potential hazards that are putting employees at risk and take steps to make your workplace safer.

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