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6 Benefits of Working with an Offshore Web Development Agency

Today outsourcing specialized IT services and hiring offshore development agencies can be achieved in the click of a button. As of 2020, the value of the global IT outsourcing market was USD 92.5 billion and in the next two years from 2022 to 2024, the projected value is set to reach USD 98 billion (Intersog: Software Development Outsourcing Statistics).  

To stay competitive in the constantly changing market, businesses need to be able to adapt to new market trends and implement the latest technology. However, situations may arise when your business needs a specific set of web development requirements for which you might not have the technical expertise and experience. 

Such a situation can halt your business processes and lead to workflow stagnation. However, this setback can be turned into an opportunity by hiring offshore web development services

Partnering with an offshore web development agency can provide you with the technical expertise and experience you lack. 

Here is a list of the major benefits of opting for offshore web development services.

  • Reasonable web development costs  

Depending on the offshore destination, the price range for web development may vary from one agency to another. However, most offshore web development agencies provide their clients with flexible and reasonable rates without compromising the quality of services delivered. Apart from reasonable rates, working with an offshore saves you from expenses on hiring and training of new recruits, installation of new equipment or the need to hire recruitment managers. Hence, the primary reason for companies to consider offshore development is cost-efficiency.

  • A diverse pool of developer talent

With an offshore development agency, you gain access to a diverse developer talent pool with specialized skill sets. These professional developers can provide you with specific technical development capabilities to deliver high-quality products tailor-made to meet your unique business requirements.

  • Higher flexibility and scalability

Today more companies are looking to partner with offshore white label development agencies for better flexibility and scalability, and work with them as your extended team. Partnering with offshore developers allows you to easily scale up or downsize your team of developers depending on your development requirements. This flexibility saves you time and financial resources in terms of recruiting new in-house developers and having them on your payroll.  

  • Lower development risks 

Since offshore developers come with knowledge, experience, and expertise in their line of work, it minimizes the risk factor during the development process. An offshore agency has an effective development structure in place. This structure includes project managers and QAs (Quality Assurance experts), who ensure that quality parameters are met at every development phase. 

  • Faster delivery of end product 

Firstly, working with an offshore development agency will save you the time you will have to spend on recruiting and hiring new developers for your agency. In addition, in terms of the development process, offshore developers implement efficient development frameworks to ensure seamless development and faster delivery of the end product. 

  • Ongoing technical and maintenance support

Partnering with an offshore web development agency gives you the assurance of technical support during the development phase of the project and maintenance assistance after the deployment of the product. However, it is always wise to check their policy on maintenance support post the completion of the development project. 

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Outsourcing development services to an offshore development agency provides cost-efficient and specialized development solutions. However, partnering with one does come with its set of challenges. The most prominent challenges are posed by the difference in time zones, effective communication issues, and security challenges. 

NonStopWork has the experience, expertise, and resources to not let these challenges be a factor in terms of white label web development for agencies. Their numbers in providing outsourced development services and client reviews from different parts of the globe speak for themselves.

So if you are seeking to partner with an offshore web development agency, NonStopWork provides you with one of the best options in the offshore development market. For more information on their development and related services, you can book a call with them anytime.

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