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6 Stunning Sculptures to See in Dubai

A perfect amalgamation of cosmopolitan metropolis and sandy deserts, Dubai is a mix of luxurious lifestyle, breathtaking views, scrumptious delicacies, and majestic sculptures. From a shopaholic’s hub and thrill-seeker’s haven to an art connoisseur’s paradise, the glitzy city has all kinds of treats hidden in its pocket for each soul. 

While the Burj Khalifa may have grabbed all the attention, it’s by no means the only noteworthy masterpiece in Dubai. It’s easy to find public art with installations in plazas, parks, or even surrounding residential complexes! 

Several beautiful new sculptures have found their place within the heart of the city. If you’re planning to visit Dubai, here is a selection of 6 stunning sculptures that are hard to miss: 

1. Win, Victory, Love by Tim Bravington

Adopted as one of the trademark gestures by many UAE locals, this hand sign portrays the W for the Win, the V for Victory, and the L for Love. It’s commonly referred to as Sheikh Mohammed’s three-finger salute and symbolizes the work ethic, love, and success of the nation. To all the social media mavens, don’t forget to get a gorgeous shot for the ‘gram while you’re there.

2. Dandelions by Mirek Struzik

Located next to one of the tallest buildings in the world, these larger-than-life beautiful dandelions by Mirek Struzik are one of the artist’s best works. The 14 gigantic dandelions change color to reflect the mood of their surroundings and turn into a real spectacle after dark. You won’t be able to help yourself and will probably end up with a lot more illuminating pictures than needed! 

3. Declaration by eL Seed 

This sculptural marvel by eL Seed, an eminent calligrapher and street artist, took two years of work. Located next to the incredible Dubai Opera, the spiraling electric pink text is a verse from a poem by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai which states, ‘Art in all its colors and types reflects the culture of the nations, their history, and civilization.’ According to el Seed, the work is a declaration of love to the city that he calls home. 

4. Wings of Mexico by Jorge Marin

One of the most picturesque sculptures in the glam city, ‘Wings of Mexico’ depicts the possibilities of human creation and interaction. Head down for some gorgeous photos that will make your Instagram fam go gaga! Located in Burj Plaza, Downtown Dubai, the wings symbolize victory, dreams, and human potential. Don’t forget to check out the detailed work on the wings. 

5. Love Me by Richard Hudson

Heads up love birds, we’ve got something amazing for you! If you’re planning your honeymoon or just a romantic getaway with your partner then you can’t miss this one. A symbol of love and peace, Love Me by Richard Hudson is one of Dubai’s most beloved landmarks. The heart-shaped polished steel installation reflects Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Mall. This iconic sculpture roughly weighs 7000 Kilograms and stands at a height of about 5 meters. 

6. Birthday Suit by Joseph Klibansky 

Located in front of The Galliard in Downtown Dubai, this sculpture will make you pause and do a double-take. A contemporary creation by Joseph Klibansky, the 3.2 meters tall bronze monkey wears a party hat and possesses beautiful roses and a flute, symbolizing optimism toward the future and the celebration of love and life in its purest forms. 

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