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7 Important Ethics To Keep In Mind When Using Company Facilities

You may often see that many companies – including yours, provide supporting facilities for their employees. The facilities are varied, from electronic goods to transportation. This is supported to ensure that employees can easily do their work without any limitations. 

But keep in mind the way you utilize your office items should be differentiated from how you use personal items. Some rules and ethics must be maintained. The most important thing is, you should not misuse the facilities for personal gain, just because all costs are borne by the office. 

To shed light on your confusion, here are some ethics when using office facilities that you should keep in mind.

Do Not Use Office Internet For Personal Entertainment Needs

Usually, every office will provide free internet for the employees which aims to support work productivity. This is indeed very important because nowadays most of our work will need the internet.

But not infrequently, some employees use this internet facility to access other websites or applications for personal needs. This certainly is an example of misuse of office facilities. Moreover if you are using this during work hours! You are not only misusing the facilities but also the time which you were paid by the company to work. This is a sign that you are lacking in professionalism.

Office Vehicles are Solely for Work Needs

For employees who need high mobility from one place to another, usually, the company will provide vehicles for their usage. The vehicle will support the employee’s work to ensure it will be easier and more efficient. In utilizing these vehicles, it is important not to use them carelessly. More importantly, never use office vehicles for personal use.

Use Electronic Goods Carefully

Whatever it is, the goods lent by the company, especially electronic goods, such as laptops – all must be used carefully. This is very important because electronic items are easily damaged. When the company provides you with a laptop to make your work easier, you should take it with full responsibility. Make sure that you use it properly and safely at all times.

Keep Workspace Clean

The workspace might have been maintained by the office cleaning team that your company has hired. But it does not mean that the cleanliness of the office is only their responsibility. 

You as the company member, shall also show good care toward workspaces by always ensuring that you keep your private area such as the work desk clean, and always clean after yourself when using the pantry or meeting room. Keeping your workspace clean will do wonders for your health and productivity.

Be Mindful When Using Paper and Printer

The facilities provided by the office are not only big things. There are also small things like paper or printers that are usually provided for employees. Though it is only small things, you still have to pay attention when using these items. 

The most important thing is not to use it excessively, so it doesn’t get wasted. It also means that you should never print anything other than for your work needs. Not only will it help the company to save money, but it can also help make the company be more mindful with the environment.

Use the Office Telephone for Work Purposes

Telephones provided by the company should be used solely to help with the work process. The purpose of the telephone is to facilitate the communication process between one division and another. Avoid using the company phone for personal matters. Not only because it will make you look unprofessional, but you will also expose your office number to the external unit. Which sometimes is unacceptable in some companies.

Differentiate your Personal and Work Email

Companies usually provide email to each of their employees with the company domain. Thus every work-related matter that must be communicated through email, will give a professional impression to clients or business partners.  

Keep in mind, to only use office email facilities for work purposes. Using it for personal gain which has absolutely nothing to do with work, will only backfire on you later.

Many things need to be considered when using inventory items from the company. The most important thing is to use them responsibly and never misuse them for personal use. This is important to maintain your professionality!

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Marco Polo
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