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7 Key Questions To Ask Your Estate Agents At A Property Valuation?

A new chapter in life can include the thrilling task of selling a piece of property. It may, however, also be a difficult and expensive process and is frequently something that is only done a few times in a lifetime. We work with the process of selling a house every day as one of the biggest independent estate agencies in the UK. We have therefore created a guide outlining the essential inquiries to make of a potential estate agent before signing a contract with them to assist you through the question, “how much is my house worth“.

7 Key Questions To Ask

1. Fees And Other Costs

You will frequently be charged a fee from the property’s sale price by estate agents. Please note that costs are given with and without VAT, but you will be informed of the charge amount if the property sells for the asking price. A charge is frequently less for a sole agency contract than a multi-agency deal. These fees, however, will remain the same whether or not you sell your home for less money.

2. Am I Obligated To A Contract For A Specific Period?

The estate agent promises to invest money in marketing your home during this time, and you commit to collaborating with them to locate the ideal buyer. If you want to set a record price, a longer commitment from the agency is frequently necessary. However, ensure that the contract includes regular assessments of the marketing plan.

3. What Is The Value Of My Property?

Make sure your estate agent uses comparable data when advising you on the asking price for your house. Your home’s size, condition, and location, as well as the state of the market, will all have an impact on how much it costs. To determine if your property is the best deal available, buyers will evaluate it against similar properties. The final decision on the asking price rests with you, and you should base it on how quickly you need to move forward and, consequently, find a buyer.

4. Is Now The Right Time To Sell?

When determining if the moment is perfect to market your house, it’s crucial to consider your motivations. To secure the best candidate at the time, an estate agent will attempt to maximise any need. Although it may be alluring, you must remember that others will try to schedule their arrival at the market. Because many sellers are on the market at a hectic time of year, your competition for the best buyer will be more intense. Regardless of the economic cycle stage, keep in mind that your purchase and sale should be connected.

5. How Soon Do You Sell Homes Similar To Mine?

Asking an estate agent about their success record in selling houses similar to yours will allow you to evaluate their performance but resist the need to focus just on speed. It is a significant element, but you should also choose the agent who puts in the time and effort to find the best deals in the neighborhood. However, if the agency expands into your area, neither will matter. The most crucial factor is that you think their marketing strategy and local staff are the greatest ones out there for helping to find the most eager buyer.

6. How Crucial Is The Internet?

Nowadays, it is crucial to have your home listed online because this is where most potential buyers begin their search. Make sure your estate agent can list your property on all of these websites, in addition to their social media, Google, and portal websites. Cutting corners here can only result in fewer potential buyers viewing your house, lowering competition.

7. Who Will Supervise The Viewings?

Before making an offer, buyers may visit a house more than once, especially if they want to live there. An estate agent may choose to supervise the viewings.

Take Away

The commissions your estate agent receives from referrals they make are frequently disclosed to you as part of the process. Remember that if you choose to work with any of these other businesses, you will sign a separate agreement with them for their services, which is not a part of your estate agency contract. Therefore, ensure you are satisfied with the service provided on its own.

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