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7 Tips To Choose A Plastic Surgeon

It is a major decision to have cosmetic or reconstructive plastic surgery. This type of surgery can have a major impact on your life. Whether it is correcting  a defect or improving the way you feel about yourself, it is one of the most crucial decisions you will ever make. Be sure to consider the following before making the decision to go forward with a plastic surgery procedure.

1. Look for a referral from someone you trust

Ask your primary care physician for a list of plastic surgeons. Ask your family and friends for recommendations. Healthgrades.com allows you to review the credentials and experiences of doctors. Once you have narrowed down your list, contact each surgeon’s office to find out if they are accepting new patients. Ask for a consultation appointment to meet with the surgeon.

2. Check out the credentials of the plastic surgeon

When choosing a surgeon, board certification is an important factor to consider. This certification shows that the doctor is qualified to perform plastic surgery. You should also confirm that there are no malpractice claims or disciplinary actions against the surgeon. Research the experience of the surgeon and make note of where they attended medical school, as well as the hospitals at which they trained to become a surgeon.

3. Research the experience of a plastic surgeon

When you are considering plastic surgery, experience is important. You will get better results with a surgeon who has more experience with a particular condition or procedure. Experienced surgeons are less likely to have complications  when performing the procedure and are more likely to guarantee success. Ask your surgeon questions such as how many patients have they treated with your condition, as well as the types of complications that could arise during the procedure. 

4. Research Hospital Quality

Be sure to consider the quality of care provided by the hospital in which the surgeon is affiliated. Patients who are treated at hospitals with high ratings have fewer complications and greater success rates. If you have to visit the hospital for treatment or tests, the location should be convenient to ensure prompt care.

5. Assess Communication Style

Communication is key. You should opt for a plastic surgeon who is willing and able to address all questions and concerns. Schedule an initial consultation and discuss all pertinent information needed to make an educated decision before going forward with your decision to have the procedure performed. . 

6. Review Patient Reviews

It is important to feel confident in your decision to have plastic surgery. Patient reviews are a great way to learn a lot from other people’s experiences with your surgeon. Patients’ reviews usually reflect their experiences with scheduling appointments, waiting times, the office environment, and staff friendliness. Many patients also like to make annodotes of the surgeon’s bedside manner and communication skills during appointments. 

7. Find out what your insurance covers

It is important to understand the implications of your insurance coverage. You may be able to get the best insurance benefits and spend less on your care if you choose a participating plastic surgeon. Some surgeons may be in network with your insurance company and therefore will provide a percentage of medical coverage for your procedure.

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