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8 Hairstyles For Men With Round Faces

A change of hairstyle can make all the difference in the world. There are a lot of differences among us and finding what best suits us can be a bit of a toil. There are a thousand videos trying to help you determine exactly where you fall in each spectrum. From the kind of face you have to the kind of hair you have, there is a lot to take into consideration before you finally settle on a choice. Although there is a lot of room for experimentation. 

All of us have at some point taken one look at someone and decided we know exactly what to expect from an interaction with them. Well, perhaps it’s time to capitalize on it. On the red carpet, round faces are less prevalent, and there might be a scarcity of instances. So, check out our list of mens hairstyle for round face to be inspired for your next hairstyle. 

The Adorable Nerd Look- 

Try this super casual style which leaves long hair all around and tamps it down over your forehead. It is just shy of giving yourself bangs but still manages to reduce the volume of visible face. 

Nerd Look

Modified Crew Cut- 

This military inspired cut keeps it clean and crisp. Embrace the contours of your face and skull while leaving a bit of fluffy hair near your forehead to control the amount of face that is visible. 

Modified Crew Cut

Grown Out Crew Cut-

A very low maintenance look, achieve this look by growing out your crew cut for a less severe look. It embraces the features you already possess and proudly displays it. Sporting a bit of a scruff can enhance the effect. 

Long Hair And Undercut-

Space out the shape of your face by growing your hair long with an undercut which reduces the horizontal volume. This is particularly good for those who prefer not to sport a beard. 

Long Hair And Undercut

Slicked Back Top Hair-

Grow out the hair on your crown while fading out the rest and slick it back for a look straight out of the Godfather. This is a universally suitable style but keep your beard cut close for a clean and flattering look. 

Slicked Back Top Hair

Casual Spikes-

This style that is reminiscent of your childhood years can be just as flattering as an adult. This is one of the men’s hairstyle round faces can benefit from thanks to the elongating effect of the spikes. Feel free to gel it into place or simply let it naturally dry and get fluffed up. 

Casual Spikes

Preppy Look-

A clean-cut version of the slicked back look and the long hair with undercut look, this style can be seen sported by professionals everywhere and it is also flattering to round faces. Be sure to moderate the amount of product you use for the hairstyle to maintain that naturally smart look. This style makes for one of the best hairstyles for men with long hair.

Preppy Look

Rolled Out Of Bed Curly Hair-

The exact feel of this look was captured when Justin Timberlake rolled up to a business meeting in pajamas. Although it would have been just as good looking if he had turned up in a suit. A close cut on the side with longer curls on top, simply air dry your hair for an uber casual look that lets you fit in anywhere.

Such curly hairstyles for men with round faces look gorgeous.  

Rolled Out Of Bed Curly Hair

Please let us know what hairstyles have inspired you. Whichever style will definitely make your ensemble stand out in a crowd.

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