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9 Actionable Steps For Creating Best Product Packaging Design: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

Creating a new product is only the first step in a long process. Regardless of the smell of that newly designed shampoo, nobody is going to get a whiff of the smell if they don’t first get inspired by the packaging. Attractive product packaging design created by trusted packaging solutions like is the easiest way to sell your product.

What makes a product packaging great? Here are 12 top tips to come up with a creative product packaging:

1. Clear idea

All consumers see on a store shelf are products. When they pick up a product, there are only two questions in their mind: who is the manufacturer and what does the product do. And the product packaging has only four seconds to deliver the answers as nobody looks at a product long before they start looking at alternatives on the shelf.

Product packaging done right gets a few things right and one of those things is making sure consumers are able to read what’s mentioned on the packaging and that means choosing the right font. If you use all capital letters, it might be too cluttered for the brain to process the information. On the other hand, if the font turns out to be too fancy or curvy, there is a chance of consumers misreading the label which is not something you want to do.

In addition, you also want to think of the font size. If it’s too small, consumers might miss crucial information about the product and too big a text size typically means a louder and crowded packaging.

2. Simple works

Try to keep things simple. If the product packaging has too much information for the consumers, they might not want to read everything and it may remind them of their school textbooks.

Simplicity ties back into clarity. If the only thing mentioned on the product packaging is the benefits of the product without the product name or company name, future sales might not be as good as you would expect them to be. Plastech Group LTD have stick to their bases in terms of simplicity and usability of their products.

3. Keep things honest

Packaging should clearly tell consumers about the functions of the product. These days, people are much more aware of tricks and tips used by a salesman and the same goes for sustainable product packaging. If your product packaging mentions things that the product can’t do, customers are not going to be happy.

4. Make it authentic

It may sound like honesty but it’s a completely different thing. Authenticity means what your product is about. The product should look and feel authentic when you start designing its packaging.

The packaging of your product should showcase how your brand is different from all the other brands selling the same thing. For instance, if your brand is about connecting people, you might want to include a tearaway postcard into your packaging as it will remind customers to connect with their friends in a unique manner.

5. Impact on shelf

It is applicable for products sold in a physical store but you can also apply it tangentially for online shopping. Large retail stores have a wide range of similar products next to each other.

Your challenge is to make your product stand out from the competition. The key to achieving this is to make sure you know everything about the competition.

If all the other top brands selling the same product use red color in their packaging, you could try out green color. You might want to try out closely mimicking competitive products which means consumers won’t notice when they pick up your brand and not others. However, this trick cuts both ways. You just need to think it through.

6. It’s all about fun

There is no harm in adding some humor or fun ideas into your product packaging. In fact, customers will appreciate it. Adding humor to the product packaging makes a product more inviting for customers and offers a sense of familiarity.

This one company that sold teabags designed them to look like t-shirts with a hanger design which made it easier for teabags to be hung on the side of a mug. This particular design is not only easy to use but also brings a smile on the face of the customers and makes them come back.

7. Special editions

If you’re looking for a short-term boost to your sales, think of creating limited-edition packaging based on a particular theme or a particular event. This tactic takes advantage of impulse buying. In most cases, it’s a sure-shot way to get a short-term sales boost around the holidays but you can also use it for big sporting events such as the Olympics.

8. Trends 

Trends are important in every industry as they keep things moving and make sure the market is alive and thriving. It is true that there are always new trends but trends have this habit of making a comeback, now and then.

It’s a skill to predict upcoming trends but if you pay attention, there is nothing to stop you from keeping up with the trends.

9. Put yourself in customer’s shoes

While the core focus of designing product packaging is to make it attractive enough to grab the attention of customers but this tip is focused on thinking about your customer a bit differently. You need to think about how your product will be used by the customer. 

Do you find the product packaging intuitive?

Is the product meant to be used over and over, or is it only meant for one-time use? For one-time use products, packaging should be designed to be easy to get into as well as dispose of. Easily disposable items also work better for eco-conscious consumers.

On the other hand, if your product is going to be used over and over, the packaging needs to be designed a bit differently. It should be durable and should maintain product quality. For instance, if you’re selling a lip balm and customers love the product, they are unlikely to buy it again in case they can’t use it after four or five uses.

Most consumers have wondered why they don’t get resealable cereal boxes. The trend of resealable boxes hasn’t yet made its way into the breakfast market but eventually, it will and consumers will understand that product designers have listened to them and made relevant changes. Don’t forget that a customer always appreciates product packaging that looks great and is functional.

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