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9xmovies Leaks Indian Movies for Free Download

9xmovies is a pirated website that shares latest movies in online for free download without movie owners permission. 9xmovies is one of the most popular and highly visited illegal movie download website. It is estimated that nearly 2 lakh users daily visit 9xmovies to download pirated movies. So, no doubt that 9xmovies has huge popularity among users who look for download movies illegally.

Why 9xmovies is so popular?

9xmovies has the large collection of movies for free download. They share Indian Hindi movies, Tamil movies, Telugu movies, Kannada movies, Malayalam movies, Punjabi movies and Hollywood movies in online for free download. Beside they also share Hindi serials, TV shows, movie trailers as well in online. There is an option of streaming, so users can watch videos to check the quality before download. You can also find dubbed version of Indian movies here. Like 9xmovies hindi dubbed movies which are primarily release on Tamil, Telugu, Kannada or Malayalam languages. They uploads these video contents in various format as per users demand. Let’s see how people search movies online with these formats to find 9xmovies website.

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How To Download Movies From 9xmovies?

9xmovies host these pirated materials to a third party file uploading sites. There is download option below a movie contents description box, if you click on it, then you will moved to a 3rd party upload site. Although it’s a easy step but you have to face annoying popup ads. In that case, you can use 9xmovies app which is developed for android users. You can find 9xmovies app in online through search to 9xmovies apk download for mobile.

How They Share Latest Movies Online?

9xmovies leaks a new released movies in online within 24 hours. They leaks hall-print version of new release movies which were recorded by spy cam recorder or mobile camera. It is possible because of some corrupted workers of the cinema hall. They also share high resolution copy of a movies after 1-2 month of a movie released. They collect original HD file somehow, and later uploads online. These piracy caused a huge financial loss of film industry every year.

Why Anti Piracy Cell Can’t Stop Piracy?

Government’s anti piracy cell regularly blocked these illegal websites’ IP to stop piracy. But people use VPN to access these sites or these website admin moved their site to a new domain. These piracy won’t be stopped if people not left visiting this site. To stop this piracy, public awareness is highly recommended.

Final Thoughts

We are not promoting these illegal sites anyhow. We are against piracy and we recommend you to download or watch videos from legal site like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime etc sites.

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