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How To A Small Business Owner fighting back against the recession

In the midst of our global economic crisis, established companies both large and small business struggle to remain intact. In fact, countless businesses are on the brink of bankruptcy because they are unable to adapt to the ever-changing economic environment of the corporate world.

However, there is still hope for the contemporary corporation.

By implementing some simple yet highly effective marketing techniques, modern businesses can not only adapt to current economic changes, but also increase their patrons and profits. In the comprehensive business guidebook From Ordinary to Extraordinary: How I Transformed My Business in 12 Months and How You Can Too!, Stefan Boyle teaches business owners new skills that they can implement into their business to help get new customers, increase what current customers spend, and get them to spend more often, i.e. the three fundamental steps necessitated to grow a business.

In light of the impending global recession, running a small business is more challenging than ever for many business owners. While many businesses offer products and services that are better than their competition, are of great value and offer a great return on investment to their customers, they still fail due to one major factor…


By providing step-by-step strategies that business owners can apply to both their physical and online businesses, From Ordinary to Extraordinary is the ultimate tool for acquiring new prospects, converting them into paying customers, and increasing overall sales. With years of practical managerial and marketing experience, Stefan Boyle hopes that his expertise will not only facilitate a deeper understanding of innovative management, but also encourage small to medium sized business owners to the change the emphasis of their business from promoting services to focusing on their customers and how they can effectively satisfy their requirements.

About the Author: Stefan Boyle is the managing director of and Having successfully transformed his own business from a traditional model to a marketing-focused, lead generating online business, Boyle now works with business owners across many sectors to transform their businesses by increasing their sales and profits.

From Ordinary to Extraordinary is Boyle’s first book.

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