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Is Affiliate Marketing too Good to Be True?

I am a pretty new affiliate marketer. If you read my previous post about affiliate marketing, you will see the path I have taken until now.

I have tried only a few affiliate offers within last couple of months. By creating one niche site and two AdWords campaigns, I have started making around $200/day net profit. I have signed up with, one of the most respected affiliate marketing company, and searched for the offers they had. After picking the offer I wanted to promote, it took me total of 2 hours to create the site, and setup the AdWords campaigns. Then, the offer was pulled from search traffic. Suddenly my income is net $0/day. But it didn’t discourage me at all.

If I can create a very small site for a specific affiliate offer, spend total of 2 hours on it, and make around $200/day net profit, I must take this more seriously. This is what I am doing right now. Instead of creating a site for one offer, I have decided to pick an industry, and later create multiple affiliate offers, and landing pages on the site

Long term or short term strategy for affiliate marketing?

You can create a very small site for a specific affiliate offer, and try to make the most buck out of it. This is the short term strategy, and works great for many affiliate marketers. But if you create a solid site, invest into the site, and start launching multiple affiliate offers in that niche, you will have a stable business model. This is the path I’m planning to take. I know the cash won’t be pouring in for the short term. But if I have a cool site with organic traffic, and regular members, then I will have a long term business in hand. I won’t have to worry about Google Slaps, or any related affiliate marketers’ nightmares.

Time is the problem for affiliate marketers

Yes, time is very valuable. I already run my businesses, and overwhelmed with the daily tasks. I can have my designer design a great new site, I can arrange the time to program the backend. But how will the people start coming? Will PPC enough, isn’t my goal to bring organic traffic? Now, this is the tricky part. I will use the big power of web 2.0 (user generated content). This is one of the important rules of money making; let others work for you. If I can find the right idea and right industry to create a web2.0 site, start the buzz, and let the community create the content, then I can focus on monetizing the site. This is what I will do with my next affiliate project.

How patient are you?

If you are not patient, and very hardworking forget about affiliate marketing. Even if you create a great web2.0 site, you will still need to work on PPC campaigns, and all kinds of online marketing to bring the traffic. You need to work hard and be patient. But if you are a patient person like myself, then affiliate marketing would be a great business model for you.

Read, and learn from others’ experiences

I have been reading Derek Beau’s Blog and Amit’s Super Affiliate Mindset blog daily nowadays. There are so many great blogs, forums, and content sites about affiliate marketing. Read as much as you can. I have NEVER purchased an eBook about any kind of online marketing till today. Because all the information is free out there.

I will keep writing about my experiences while I learn affiliate marketing and keep building my affiliate business. I hope these will help the beginners.

Marco Polo
Marco Polo
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