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Aha! Software VS BigTime Software: 2022 In-Depth Comparison

Project management software are among the most valuable tools that help businesses keep all their work activities consolidated into a central platform. Most companies prefer using these tools when they are coordinating between multiple individuals or departments to complete projects that involve a variety of deliverables. If you are also overwhelmed by the amount of your work and think that opting for the project management tools is the right direction for your business, then Aha Software and BigTime can be great options for you to consider. Both offer a robust set of features, powerful integrations, and strong collaboration features. However, they each serve different purposes and have unique strengths and weaknesses. 

If you are trying to decide between the two options, we will compare Aha! Against BigTime, exploring their features, pricing details, and reviews so that you can choose the one that perfectly aligns with your needs. Now get ready for a head-to-head comparison of Aha! software vs. BigTime software.

Aha! Software Vs. BigTime Software: At a Glance

Both Aha! and BigTime offer top-notch project management solutions, but they each have specific use cases. Each is a robust project management tool that can be used to track various project phases and coordinate across teams to get work done on time and within budget. Aha! software is famous as a roadmapping tool that helps users share and visualize roadmaps, articulate features, and set product strategy so that they can submit high-quality work. Bigtime Software, on the other hand, is known as a versatile project management tool that offers time tracking and billing solutions for entrepreneurs, businesses, and government contractors.

Both products have matured as quality products and enable team leads to prioritize, manage, and delegate tasks. They can also share documents, collaborate with stakeholders, and add images. To choose the right software application for your business, consider features, integrations, and pricing details of each option, as well as compare them to the long-term goals of your company.

Aha! and BigTime – Side by Side Comparison

Here we will match Aha! software vs. BigTime project management software to see which one fits your needs better:

Aha! Description and Salient Features

Aha! offers a product roadmap solution that allows marketing teams and project managers to define the what, why, and when of their projects. This comprehensive tool helps users capture ideas in one place, establish their product strategy, create task details, and share roadmaps with clients and colleagues. It’s a tailor-fit solution that lets teams learn what works best for their specific business type. Moreover, users can also customize their workflows to synchronize with the way their teams work. Let’s now take a look at the salient features of Aha! project management software:

Product Management: The software enables users to streamline daily work activities. It helps them set goals, track competition, and identify initiatives. 

Integrations: This project management tool supports integration with more than 30 tools for sales, support, development, and collaboration. These include Jira, Google Analytics, Microsoft Teams, Zendesk, Salesforce, and other popular calendar software.

Roadmaps: Aha! software offers pre-built templates for starter roadmaps. You can easily create strategies, portfolios, and custom roadmaps. Book Aha! demo to learn more about this feature.

Reports: The software allows to generate initiative charts and visualize by revenue volume of ideas, impact, and status while evaluating delivery metrics. Moreover, you can create and view reports in charts, pivots, capacities, lists, diagrams, and hierarchies.

Pricing Details:

It offers a 30-day free trial. Aha! Pricing for the Premium plan is set at $59 per user per month (billed annually). The Enterprise plan is offered for $99 per workspace owner per month (billed annually), and the Enterprise+ plan comes at $149 per workspace owner per month (billed annually). 

BigTime Description and Salient Features

BigTime software offers a fully-integrated task management, time tracking, and billing solution for professional service providers. It is neck-to-neck with comprehensive online tools that enable users to manage projects, clients, and employees efficiently. Bigtime reviews confirm that users can link budgets, timesheets, expenses, and tasks to efficiently track the real-time progress of their project. In addition to this, the software gives users a birds-eye-view of their pending tasks, client engagements, employee schedules and enables them to track and bill their time. Some of the salient features of BigTime project management tool include:

Project Management and Resource Allocation: BigTime comes with a task management and budget tool that allows users to set up tasks for each project and assign expense budgets, hourly rates, and fees.

Billing and Invoicing: The software offers flexible billing and invoicing features that let users set up flexible billing rates and custom invoice templates that include company logo, colors, address, etc.  These features boost revenue by billing the in-progress work of a project. Book a BigTime demo to try out this functionality in real-time.

Gantt Charts: You can use this feature to visualize your project tasks and activities. Put your projects on a timeline and see how each task links to another, highlighting dependencies and critical paths.  

Pricing Details:

The software offers three pricing plans: Express, Pro, and Premier. BigTime pricing for the Express plan is charged $10 per user. The Pro plan of this PM tool costs around $30 per month, and requires a minimum of five minimum users. BigTime’s last payment plan, Premier, is available for $40.

Bottom Line

Aha! is, hands down, the go-to tool for businesses that are looking for an all-inclusive package for designing product roadmaps and planning marketing campaigns. It is flexible, easy-to-use, and meets the organizational needs of most product development companies. BigTime, on the other hand, offers features more suitable to teams looking for billing, task management, and time tracking solutions. It gives professional service providers the visibility they need to maximize profits and operate more efficiently. Both project management tools offer some overlapping features as well. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your organizational needs and personal preference. However, we highly recommend that you thoroughly study Aha! software vs. BigTime software comparisons before arriving at a decision.

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