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Aluminum Water Bottle: The Benefits of Owning One

Water is a vital part of our body, something that we always need in certain amounts on a daily basis. But sometimes due to our busyness, we often forget about drinking water and end up getting dehydrated without even realizing it.

Often getting dehydrated is not good for your body, it could be dangerous in the long run. For a short-term effect, it can make us feel easily tired, hard to concentrate, and even have constipation due to the lack of water inside our body. 

One of the best ways that you can do to ensure you have a sufficient amount of water inside your body is by stocking up some water bottles on the go at your home or your office. Thus you can easily take one out everytime you need some water. Having a water bottle on the go is much more effective in improving your hydration level. 

At the same time, you don’t have to worry about harming the environment. Because instead of buying plastic water bottles, you should purchase aluminum water bottles in bulk. You can get your hands on them easily at

Why Aluminum Water Bottle?

Aluminum water bottle is the best substitute for a plastic water bottle. It is environmentally friendly and much healthier for our bodies to use on a long run. An aluminum water bottle is made from pure aluminum, thus why it won’t affect the quality of the water. Guarantee you will only get the optimal quality of water.

At the same time, we also do not have to worry about the aluminum water bottle littering the environment, and end up making the same problem like the plastic ones do. This is because aluminum is much easier to recycle than plastic. 

Benefits of Aluminum Water Bottle for Our Health

Plastic water bottles can bring harm to our bodies, due to the possibility that they can leak dangerous chemicals into the water. Unknowingly sometimes we consume microplastic when we use plastic water bottles. Ingesting microplastic is definitely very dangerous, because it can cause various health problems, such as cancer and cardiovascular disease 

You should also be extra careful when letting your plastic bottle out in the heat. Extreme heat can cause the plastic substance to melt and change the water content qualities. When exposed to heat, plastic bottles have been known to release toxins.

This also applies to reusable plastic bottles. Bisphenol A (BPA) is widely used in some reusable plastic bottles. Getting exposed to this industrial chemical is very dangerous for pregnant women, because it can affect the fetus’s brain. While on the single-use plastic bottle that we usually purchase in a convenience store, a dangerous element called antimony is often found on the material. Some of the after-effects of antimony are heart and lung issues.

On the other hand, aluminum is free from any of these possibilities. Aluminum does not leach any chemicals that can change the water content qualities.

Benefits of Aluminum Water Bottle for the Environment

Aluminum is one of the highly sustainable materials that could be recycled easily. 70% of the aluminum that has been used nowadays has already been recycled over and over again. 

Even plastic can also be recycled, but the cost of recycling plastic is much more costly. It also requires more energy to recycle plastic rather than aluminum. Moreover, plastic may only be recycled once or twice before it starts to disintegrate after each usage. Only 8% of plastic is recycled, while the remaining winds up in landfills, oceans or gets burned. Plastic is made of chemical bonds that are difficult to break. It needs more than 500 years to completely decompose, thus why plastic is very dangerous to our environment. 

Aluminum water bottles are one of the best ways to prevent the environment from being polluted by disposable plastic. Now, we don’t have to worry that the landfills or oceans will be polluted with waste that won’t degrade for thousands of years!

Other Benefits of Aluminum Water Bottle

The other benefit of utilizing aluminum as your water bottle is that it can keep your beverage temperature longer. Thus, your water will stay refreshing even after a long time. You don’t have to worry whether you put hot or cold beverages inside, there won’t be any change in taste or quality of your water.

Last but not least, aluminum is also more durable and sturdy than plastic. Thus you don’t have to worry whether you put it inside your backpack or if it suddenly falls down, the bottle won’t spill anything or crack easily due to its durability.

An aluminum water bottle is definitely a perfect choice for everyone who has a busy lifestyle but understands the importance of drinking water regularly!

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