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Amazon Suspension Guide: How to Avoid

Numerous horror stories circulate the internet about the Amazon account suspension. Every seller on Amazon has one thing lurking in the back of the mind: the heart-sinking email notifying that your account is blocked or under review followed by a lengthy dispute with the online giant.

Amazon is a customer-centric company hell-bent on making the customers happy. Amazon has set strict rules and regulations for sellers, in case of non-compliance, the account is suspended or banned.

What is Amazon Seller Account Suspension?

If you have violated any of the Amazon policies, the eCommerce platform will remove your selling privileges. Typically, Amazon suspends seller accounts in the following circumstances

  • Poor seller performance metrics 
  • Violation of rules and regulations
  • Sale of restricted items
  • Owned or used multiple seller accounts 

Unfortunately, Amazon is not always straightforward in providing a basis for suspension. Depending on the severity of the offense, Amazon can choose any of the following plans of action

  • ASIN suppression 
  • Suspension
  • Plan of Action Denial
  • Banned

Ways to Prevent Amazon Suspension

After knowing the causes of amazon suspension, focus on prevention instead of trying to get your account reinstated later. Here are some ways to avoid Amazon account suspension

Sell the Right Products

Do not sell controversial or restricted products that could bring negative attention to the business. It will result in decreased account health, warnings, suspension, and further scrutiny of your Amazon account. Carefully read the rules and regulations to know what products you are not allowed to sell.

Optimize Product Listing

Optimize your product listing and make necessary disclosures. Plus, make sure that the listing does not duplicate identical product pages. Regularly monitor and audit your listings to make any changes to the images, bullets, or descriptions.

Deliver on Time

Amazon has high standards and strict rules regarding shipping. Try to deliver products on time to prevent your account from being banned. Upon shipping goods, the seller specifies a delivery date that should not be exceeded. Late shipping leads to decreased account health and consequently suspension.

Customer Services

As part of the Amazon seller policies, you agreed to respond to customer inquiries within 24 hours including weekends and holidays, the faster the better. Make sure to respond timely and if the inquiry does not require a response, mark it accordingly in Seller Central.

Manage Performance Metrics

The Amazon Seller Central gives you a detailed view of the account’s health. Keep checking the data to ensure you meet the Amazon seller account criteria

  • Negative Feedback <5%
  • Order defect rate <1%
  • Pre-fulfillment cancellation rate <2.5%
  • Late shipment <4%

If you observe a drop in ratings and performance, take immediate actions to improve the level of service and attract more customers.


Do not take the warnings given by Amazon lightly and respond professionally and respectfully. Importantly, do not disobey Amazon’s rules and regulations in order to avoid nightmarish situations during the busy season. Don’t panic if the account is suspended, devise the right plan of action to get the ban lifted.

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