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Myths are always common when new things are developed. Technology has seen its fair share of myths and misunderstandings over the years. One of the greatest technology myths is that teenagers and younger adults are the ones that benefit most from technology and that they know better how to use artigos sobre deep tech than the older generation. Many feel that the technology age has completely bypassed Generation X’ers and Baby Boomers.

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Myth #1

This could not be further from the truth. In fact, while teenagers and young adults are mostly tech savvy in this day and age, they are not the only ones that know how to use current technology. A few years ago, many believed that older people could not program a VCR or that women did not know how to properly use their microwaves. As technology grows, so does the knowledge that consumers develop as to how they should use this technology. Teenagers may be able to text their friends faster than their parents or grandparents but studies have shown a stiff increase in the number of older consumers who are learning how to use various levels of technology.

Myth #2

Some older consumers find that having a cell phone is a must in this day and age. Many use their cell phones to call for assistance when they need it or to simply keep up with family and friends. Some use various health apps that are designed to help them to take better care of themselves. There are a number of smartphone apps that are designed for the older generation and although obsession with cell phones do not normally reach into older age groups, many have begun to find joy in playing games and performing other tasks on their smartphones.

Myth #3

Studies have also shown that the number of older people, generally those over 60, who are using various computer applications has also increased. In today’s internet age, it simply makes sense that consumers will learn how to use basic computer applications. Studies confirm that many of the older generation have taken classes or have watched video tutorials online that give them instruction on how to do certain computer related tasks.


Technology is a growing industry and as it grows, so do the numbers of people who are learning how to use these newly developed apps, devices and gadgets. Several years ago, many had no idea how to use a video cassette recorder or VCR. Today, there are Blu-ray players that make television viewing nearly as profound as watching movies on the big screen.

The myth that only the younger generation knows how to enjoy technology has been dispelled many times. As technology grows, so will the ages of those who are using this technology. Many of the middle class generation remembers certain technologies as they were introduced while they were teenagers. Teenagers today will know how to use certain technologies when their own children become teenagers. Technology is a growing field and consumers who learn to grow with it will find it much easier to understand artigos sobre deep tech developments as they are released.

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