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Basic Beauty Stuff to Carry in the Bag for your Next Outing

Bigger the handbag, the better the beauty stash! We all have been there- a never-ending hustle to decide what to carry in the bag and what not! There were a few times when we forgot something that we needed in beauty emergencies but found it missing in the bag. Beauty Accessories and products that we use daily should be handy even while stepping out. When you are on the run heading to work or for the first college lecture, there isn’t much time to do let alone apply make-up. In such a situation when you have your make-up essentials and beauty products in the bag, you can give a retouch to your face and groom yourself whenever you need. Let’s list down all the beauty must-haves you should have in your bag to look well-groomed and pretty all day long. 

Basic Essentials to Carry in your Hand Bag

Hair Brush & Comb

A working or college-going individual is always on the move which means our hairstyle often gets messed up. All it takes is a bad hair day to ruin the mood hence having your favorite hair brush right there in your bag solves everything instantly. Always carry the right hair brush for hair or comb to tame your frizzy mane in need and detangle the knots. Now enjoy a good hair day with a gorgeous-looking hairstyle anywhere you go by keeping your go-to styling partner beside and making your life easier. 

Pack of Wipes 

A small pack of facial wipes can be useful for a lot of things. As the day goes on and you move out in the sun, the T zones of the face become oily and sweaty. This results in make-up becoming cakey in the corner and also irritates the skin. To save yourself from this situation, be sure to carry a box of tissue or face wipes. Be it fixing smeared make-up, wiping off the sweat or cleaning your nose while sneezing, this product will come to the rescue. Whether you are a clumsy person or prefer everything neat and organized, having wet wipes is a must thing in everyone’s bag. 


No matter what, sunscreen should always be there in your bag each time you step out. Whether you are hitting the road for a vacation or going to work, choosing to keep the sunscreen beside helps you to stay from the harmful UV rays. The blazing heat of the sun will get you tanned hence it is important to protect your skin from heat stroke and extreme sunrays. This handbag essential comes with an SPF formula that offers protection against both UVA and UVB rays. 


There’s nothing more obvious than having perfume or deodorant in one’s handbag especially if you sweat a lot. Having this beauty item right there in your handbag makes you feel and smell good and hence good cologne should be always on the list. Whether you are traveling by a means of public transport or among friends, the last thing you would want is to smell bad due to sweat hence carry your perfume to avoid such disaster. 


If you are a working woman then you must be knowing the struggle of smudged make-up especially lipstick. And for that last-minute touch-up right before the meeting or stepping out with friends post-work, never forget to carry your favorite shade of lipstick that gives your lippies the right pop of color and a perfect subtle look even if you are not wearing much make-up. 

Compact Size Mirror 

Whether you are fixing your make-up at the back of the cab or while sitting in the metro, having a portable and compact size mirror is always the best option in a hurry. These mirrors give an exact reflection of your face while applying make-up or any skin care product. This lightweight and the pocket-sized compact mirror don’t take a lot of room in the bag and you can carry it anywhere you go. 

Always have these things handy in your bag whenever you are out to face any type of beauty emergency. 

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