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The Benefits of Intel Xeon E5 Processors and RAID 10 for Dedicated Servers

Managing network resources for groups of computer users is one of the most important activities in the world of information technology. UK businesses and startups often pay hundreds of pounds or dollars to set up or rent dedicated servers from hosting companies.
With the extensive range of server hardware configurations available, lets examine the features and benefits of two particularly powerful hardware components on UK2 servers: Xeon Six Core E5645 processors and RAID-10 storage.

Enhanced Security.

This hardware configuration uses an Intel® Xeon® Processor 5600 series. The Intel Xeon 5600 processors include the Advanced Encryption Standard-New Instructions (AES-NI) that enables faster data encryption and decryption for a wide range of applications. Also included is Intel’s TXT (Trusted Execution Transaction) technology, which enables a more secure platform launch environment for virtual environments.

Less energy costs.

Servers are expected to remain running all the time and this Intel processor is energy-efficient. It automatically regulates power consumption and adjusts its performance to the requirements of users. It maximizes the performance and energy efficiency of the server.


The Intel Xeon processor 5600 series has six cores and Intel’s hyperthreading technology, wherein each core is virtualized into two processors, effectively creates a 12-core processor. This technology uses processor resources more efficiently, enabling multiple threads to run on each core.

Faster performance.

The combination of the Xeon Six Core E5645 and RAID-10 gives faster performance. The Xeon processor supports a maximum of six cores per processor and can deliver up to 60% greater performance than previous-generation processors. This processor is great for high-end activities such as digital content creation, 3-D rendering, massive multitasking and extreme gaming.

RAID-10 provides very high reliability and high performance at the same time. It gives more protection for your storage, faster storage performance, and it is fast and crashproof. In some cases, RAID 10 array can sustain multiple simultaneous drive failures. It is an excellent solution for sites that would have otherwise gone with RAID 1 but need some additional performance boost.

In a nutshell, the Xeon Six Core E5645 provides security, greater data integrity, and energy efficiency while RAID 10 provides greater protection. It is the perfect choice for a startup or business seeking to harness maximum resources for future growth.

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