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Best Resources for Startup Companies

Are you a startup entrepreneur? Is the cost becoming a big drag on your financial budget? This article addresses the issues of a startup and the software tools that will help you reduce costs and get your work done.   

Startups are constant survivors who intend to change the world with innovative ideas. But the cost issues every startup face can impede their ability to survive and grow. There is plenty of software for startups in the online market. Here are some that are worthy of your attention. 

CLARITI – Collaborate with your team seamlessly 

A strong business team is a secret behind a successful business, and the best way to make the team strong is to have a strong internal communication tool. Clariti is one of the best software for startups to handle their internal communication. Clariti Workspace combines all your communications, including email, chat, voice calling, files, to-dos, and events, in one place and links all related information based on context. 

 Information sharing is made easy with Clariti, which fosters a sense of community inside an organization. This business communication software tool will ensure you never miss any single information shared by your teammates. So, make Clariti your first choice and make your team strong to win all the challenges. 

GERM.IO – Turn your Ideas into Reality is a business software tool for startups that helps you shape your business idea. With the help of this tool, you can share your ideas and policies through big pictures. The tool helps you with the processes and strategic development in accordance with your why’s, how’s, and what’s. 

With this Startup tool, you can keep on working on the next steps without the fear of forgetting the idea that randomly came to your mind. 

JUST IN MIND – Visualize Your Prototype 

Here is one of the best startup tools that helps you with prototyping solutions. This tool helps you easily convert wireframes to highly interactive prototypes. You can apply a design and bring it to life with Justinmind. It also offers solutions on all platforms, including desktops.  

It offers a delightful user interface that keeps you concentrated on building & exploring innovative ideas.   

PRODUCT HUNT – Make Your Launch Easier  

 Launching a startup is equally difficult as running it smoothly. Product Hunt is the best tool that will make your launch tension free. This tool attracts users by showcasing different products and deals which are easily shareable. Sharing makes your product reach a wide range of people. Product Hunt makes your launch more efficient. They also have a group of testers who will take care of testing your products.  

PRESS KITE – Start Sharing Your Startup Journey  

It’s important to have a startup story that will help you relate to many people. Having connections through stories is important in this age of social sharing. Presskite allows you to create a kit that will hold your story. The kit is always ready to be sent to journalists.  

This software tool is essential for every startup entrepreneur in order to reach the masses. Every startup has a story to tell,  Presskite helps you in sharing it. 

Mailchimp – Automate and Grow Your Business 

As we all know, email marketing is one of the best marketing tools available for startups with less capital.  Mailchimp, which has a record of sending thousands of mail daily for hundreds of clients, is definitely a go-to option for this purpose.  

Mailchimp is the most reliable tool that sends mail directly to a user’s inbox. By using this startup tool, you don’t have to worry about your mail being labelled as spam. This is one of the most important qualities of any email marketing tool.  

GOOGLE ANALYTICS – Understand Your Customers 

Along with working, the most important feature is knowing the results of the efforts. Google Analytics helps you identify what’s working and what’s not. By understanding what works, any business can grow by implementing result-yielding processes. This is a most important tool, especially for startups, as they might be unaware of the effects of their marketing campaigns.  

FOUNDER SUITE – Get Your First Investment 

Funding is definitely an important factor for any startup. There are tools that will help you in raising funds. One such tool is the founder suite. This tool structures your policies and speeds up raising capital for your business. The CRM tool offered by the Founders suite helps you in managing the investor funnel, provides a searchable venture capitalist database, and an investor updater tool that helps in creating monthly progress reports. 

It also includes a set of templates and spreadsheets for curated pitch desks. It can be extremely useful for creating effective and visually amazing pitches. 

HUBSPOT CRM – Streamline and Manage Your Customers  

Hubspot CRM is a must-have tool for every startup entrepreneur who cares about their customers. This tool helps you identify potential customers and manage all the interactions with them. The options offered by this powerful tool include customized views, a deal and task board, social media, a company database, and email connections. It can be your one-stop solution to maintain relationships with your business clients, track multiple deal progress and a lot more. 

UNSPLASH – Get your Stocks for Free  

Visual attraction is the most effective way to attract customers. Unsplash offers high-resolution pictures that you can use in ad campaigns and promotions. This tool includes contributions from many generous photographers all over the world. There is a massive library of more than 1 million pictures that you can freely download and use.  

They have amazing photos, and you can also search for any kind of pictures you’re looking for. You can get inspiration from their huge and varied collection of pictures too. This tool will provide you access to different stock images free of cost.  

CANVA – Create Visuals for Free!

Canva is a user-friendly tool not only for entrepreneurs but for everyone. Canva is a graphic designing tool through which you can create designs of your own. The free version on the desktop has many more features than the app version. 

Canva allows you to explore the creative side of your brain. It helps in the growth of your business through its posters and designs. It has a lot of pre-designed templates to make designing easy for you. From webpage header images to social media posters, you can do them all at once place.  Listed above are a few tools from thousands of software tools available for business. Startups mostly don’t have well-equipped infrastructure or labor to assist and the entrepreneur himself will need to do many of the chores needed. These tools will help you in making your work easier, grow systematically and make your operations easy to manage. 

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