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Boot Drive: the Ultimate Guide to Definition and Information

Technology has given us many great things in the name of computers and laptops. The operating system that runs all the technical devices is fitted with unique accessories that work wonders and connects us around the world.

Similarly, a boot drive is one crucial device that works well with all systems. It is a small, portable external device that stores all operating systems and programs. 

But why is a boot drive necessary? What if you see the message of the boot device missing? How exactly does it work? What is the use of a boot drive? Let us find out through this blog.

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Boot drive: definition

A boot drive is an external device that contains all operating systems. Generally, all computers are programmed to look for an optical hard drive first for storage and then later go towards external devices such as boot drives.

Many years back, the floppy disk was the first form of boot drive where you could store critical information as memories.

Purpose of a boot drive:

There are general purposes of a boot drive. Here is the list of things that will identify the immediate uses.

  • It is commonly used to restart the computer when the internal hard drive fails to operate.
  • You can use it to repair damage by restoring system files.
  • You can reinstall the entire operating system as well.
  • Recover damaged or corrupted data.
  • It helps in data purging to remove old data from the system.
  • It can also access any operating system if you lose the password.
  • Troubleshoot all software and hardware files.
  • Work for all antivirus and anti-spyware scans.
  • Customize the whole environment of the operating system.

Types of boot drives:

Any external device that stores files to start or restart the computer is termed a boot drive. Generally, a boot drive is a hard drive, CD-ROM drive, USB jump device, DVD drive, and floppy disk device. 

However, if you use a simple disc for this purpose, then the computer system will not work. 

How do you use the boot drive?

Now many devices are booting drives, and each has different functions. The USB is becoming the new standard as it’s easy, flexible, and reliable.

Here we have MAC, Windows, and Linux that are generally reinstated by the boot drive. Following are the details.

Boot MAC from USB:

  1. Enter the USB into the slot.
  2. Either restart the MAC or start if it’s closed.
  3. Upon startup, firmly press and hold the option key till you see the menu on the screen. It will give you access to the startup manager. Then release the option key to see the available boot drives.
  4. Select the USB on the screen.
  5. Lastly, click the return or double click for the machine to restart and start the boot from the USB.

Boot Windows from USB:

  1. Turn on your computer.
  2. For the menu to appear on the initial startup screen, press ESC, f1,f2,f8, or f8.
  3. It will immediately take you to the BIOS setup.
  4. Then select the boot device on the screen.
  5. Make sure to save any changes you do in the setup if you are moving the boot drive sequence. 
  6. The computer will restart and boot through the attached USB.

Boot Linux from USB:

  1. Insert USB into the port.
  2. Turn on the system.
  3. Go to the boot menu and select the USB from the list.
  4. The process will automatically start to reconfigure the system.
  5. Your system will restart on its own.

Final thoughts:

If your system has developed an error and shows you the message of a boot device missing or an error in the drive, then it’s time to take out the existing tools.

Fear not if you ever see this error or message on your screen. We at GIllware have technicians and experts who can resolve the issue in no time. So contact us right away.

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