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Bridal and Groom Planning Tips for Busy Couples

Today’s couples have a lot on their plates. That doesn’t mean marriage is out of the question or that couples will have to cut corners when it comes to planning the perfect wedding. It just means both brides and grooms will have to use their time wisely. Read on to find some planning tips for both parties that can help to make the perfect wedding happen with less stress.

General Tips

Before diving into specific tips for brides vs. grooms, it’s worth taking a moment to offer some general advice. Following these tips will make it easier both to make sure everything goes off without a hitch on the big day and to stay calm in the meantime.

1. Start Planning Early

The most important thing to remember is that planning ahead is an absolute must, not just because it saves busy couples time closer to the wedding date but also because it can be hard to find a venue, DJ, and catering for your wedding at the last minute. It takes most couples a year or more to figure out all of the details, and the average includes those who have all the time in the world to devote to wedding planning.

2. Set a Reasonable Timeline

It’s a good idea to have a timeline in place for wedding planning from the beginning. Be sure to set reasonable deadlines so that nothing gets left until the last minute, and incorporate plenty of buffer time to offer some extra flexibility.

3. Don’t Fixate on the Wedding

This may sound counterintuitive, but the key to efficient wedding planning is not to fixate on it all the time. Busy couples can maximize productivity by living their ordinary lives most of the time and setting specific times to engage fully with wedding planning.

Tips for Brides

Brides often wind up taking on the bulk of the planning work for weddings. This may have made sense in the past when single-earner families were the norm, but now that expectation can create an unreasonable burden for busy brides. Follow these tips to avoid unreasonable stress.

  • ┬áSeriously consider hiring a wedding planner.

Be sure to delegate tasks appropriately.

Stay organized so that anyone else involved in the planning process can, too.

Start the search for a dress well in advance.

Don’t forget about self-care as the wedding approaches, especially when it comes to skin and hair health.

Find ways to de-stress, either alone or with the groom.

Tips for Grooms

Grooms have a bad reputation for failing to put in the work when it comes to wedding planning. Don’t be that person. Instead of leaving all the planning to brides, grooms can:

  • ┬áBe proactive by taking the lead on some projects.

Support their spouses through the planning process.

Write wedding vows a few months in advance.

Practice their dance moves.

Take charge of honeymoon planning to let brides focus on the wedding.

Wedding Planning Should Be Fun

Planning a wedding should be fun and not stressful, but busy couples often find themselves feeling overwhelmed. Following the tips above can help, as can focusing on each other in the meantime. Couples should try to remember why they wanted to get married, to begin with, and keep the spark alive, whether that means continuing traditions such as date nights, providing support during difficult times, or splitting up responsibilities equitably.

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