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Buying Real Estate Near Great Surfing Spots

Individuals who love to surf spend countless hours researching the perfect destination. Often, the destinations they look into are in Nicaragua. This country features over 300 days of offshore wind each year. In addition, the cost of living is reasonable, and people love the tropical weather. They know they will have consistent waves to enjoy their favorite sport. 

Once a person surfs in this country, they may want to buy property and return regularly. Nicaraguan real estate remains a good buy, although foreign investors should secure financing in their home country. Interest rates in Nicaragua remain high. Always work with an attorney when making this purchase to ensure all due diligence is done. Where should property be purchased in this country to ensure the best surfing? 


Individuals who visit Nicaragua to surf often head to Popoyo, which consists of an inner and outer reef. Beginner and experienced surfers alike find the inner reef provides ideal conditions for this activity. For those who want a challenge, the outer reef will supply it. Here, surfers take on massive waves along with shallow reefs. Prepare to need a jet ski to start, as the waves can be that extreme. Watch the locals before taking on this reef, as the coral can do serious damage to those who are unprepared. 

Playa Colorado

Luxurious holiday accommodations make up the area known as Playa Colorado. While budget travelers often find they cannot stay in this area because of the high costs, that doesn’t mean they have to miss out on the amazing waves found here. Stay in Playa Gigante and make the 30-minute trek by foot to Playa Colorado and enjoy a day of learning how to ride barrels. The surfing conditions remain consistent, and individuals know they will benefit from clean offshore wind. 

Panga Drops

People may be hesitant to visit Panga Drops because the surfing conditions are excellent. They worry about crowds, and this beach is known as a gathering place for those who love to surf. However, the crowds tend to be dispersed, so a person can have a great time tackling the large sets that roll in. Access Panga drops by boat or through Hacienda Iguana any time of the year. 

Playa El Yanke

A remote beach just south of Nicaragua’s most popular surf town, Playa El Yanke offers an edge on the left end. This wedge works from mid-to-high tide, and the area is best for intermediate and advanced surfers. Surfers love that there are fewer crowds, and they benefit from the surf report and forecast found here. It lets them know exactly when to visit for the best adventure. 

Additional Destinations

Other places a person may wish to surf in Nicaragua include El Transito, Playa Maderas, Remanso Beach, and Hermosa Beach. A person may also want to try The Boom or Lance’s Left. With so many amazing places to surf within the country, a surfer can try a new location every day. 

More people are learning the benefits of surfing in Central America. Now is the time to buy property in the area before prices go up. Try several locations to find one that offers surfing opportunities year round and enjoy the fun. People who do so find their love for the sport grows along with their skill level. There’s always something new to learn when catching waves.

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