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Cerner EMR vs Athenahealth EMR -Top Features & More

About Cerner Medical Software

Cerner is a Cloud-based EHR Software that helps wellbeing associations of all sizes and fortes run all the more productively and give better consideration. Charting, documentation, revenue management, and health analytics are all included. These capabilities ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment by giving up-to-date patient information.

Top Features of Cerner EHR

Cerner Analytics

Cerner EMR comprehends the difficulties you face in extracting data insights on a daily basis. The team crafted an analytic system that is more than just control panels and graphics to provide you with speed-to-value. Its pre-built analytic content is a collection of value-add elements ranging from data boarding process to advanced data organization, all designed to help you accomplish your business intelligence objectives and make a difference. HealtheAnalyticsSM, Cerner’s pre-built analytic content offering, allows you to explore actionable information by offering carefully built dashboards and reports based on knowledge gained from working with over one hundred clients like you.

On your analytics journey, only using basic tables and graphs will only get you so far. Cerner is committed to building analytic visualization toolkits within the HealtheAnalytics system that make extracting insights from your data simple. Cerner handpicks these analytical visualization tools and integrates them into the framework, so you can expand your visualization toolkit without having to buy, install, or maintain additional software.

With Cerner HealtheAnalyticsSM Cost and Utilization, you can control costs, reduce leakage, and manage utilization. Users can access cost and utilization content catalogues, quality metrics libraries, dashboards, and reports through HealtheAnalytics: Cost and Utilization. You can use these analytic tools to look into your organization’s network utilization, cost-cutting opportunities, quality-measurement performance, and potentially avoidable costs.

Health System Operations

Cerner is focused on improving the patient’s experience in the health system, such as resource utilization, from the time they register into the hospital to discharge and subsequent positioning across the continuum.

In both the value and volume worlds, patient-centered procedures and technology that is independent of organizational silos are crucial parts of helping bottom lines. We can help organizations increase efficiency and client throughput in today’s and tomorrow’s healthcare environments by developing well-integrated, purpose-built structures aimed at expanding operational efficiencies. When the right caregiver is in the right place at the right time, better patient outcomes occur. Cerner provides health care organizations with electronic and intelligent labor force management solutions that help them offer the best care at the lowest possible cost.

Graphics and Imaging

Better care choices can be taken when data, images, and content are accessible to the medical team within the EHR, resulting in a better patient experience. Cerner Imaging’s cardiovascular, clinical, and radiology solutions are integrated with the EHR, giving providers a complete picture of the patient.

Any thorough electronic health record must include digital imaging as a key component (EHR). From diagnostic imaging images and ECGs to video, electronic photos, scanned documents, audio, and waveform data, Cerner Clinical Imaging services enable clinicians to store, manage, and access all kinds of multimedia “content.”

Electronic images and different forms of multimedia are included in a comprehensive EHR. Our clinical imaging solutions enable you to manage all imaging and media content generated during the care process, resulting in an extensive patient record.

Client Engagement Management

Consumers expect a digital medical care experience that is similar to how they interact with brands in other industry sectors in today’s world of consumerism. From appointment scheduling to browsing their well-being journey, an electronic front door and digital practice help put the consumer at the center of their health care journey and encourage them to participate at their convenience.

The Cerner Consumer FrameworkTM is an open environment that enables health care organizations to transform the patient portal into a digital front door and digital practice that puts the patient at the center of their care. Through Cerner, organizations can use the Consumer Framework to create a digital front door that is tailored to their specific population.

Virtual Care

As telehealth and telemedicine technology and infrastructure have progressed, the number of use cases has grown to become part of bigger Virtual Health Care delivery frameworks. Standard industry terms like telemedicine and telehealth, we believe, will become obsolete as virtual technology and processes become the norm for delivering a wide range of health and care services. Cerner sees telemedicine as a critical capability in both virtual health and digital care, allowing organizations to expand access while cutting the cost of providing health care facilities across the care continuum. 

Organizations can provide care at a distance using an ecosystem of virtual and remote services and technology, allowing for the delivery of high-quality, cost-effective care anywhere. Virtual Health Care will enable people to take control of their health and care in new ways. We’ve reached a tipping point where virtual monitoring and meaningful real-time interventions will profoundly alter how people manage their health.

Cerner EHR Reviews

Cerner offers comprehensive security for sensitive healthcare information as well as a user-friendly interface. Its ability to assist collaboration between multiple healthcare facilities is also praised by users. However, users have complained about being unable to work quickly due to repetitive clicks. Updates that are infrequent and slow, resulting in downtime and a lack of customer support, are also problematic. Overall, it’s a good option for businesses looking for an easy-to-use, secure EHR platform. To learn more about Cerner electronic health records, you schedule to schedule a Cerner software demo. 

Cerner EHR Substitute – Athena Medical Records

Athena EHR is a cloud-based medical ecosystem that integrates digital health records, healthcare billing, client engagement, coordinated care, population health, telemedicine, and mobile capabilities into a single stunning and cohesive platform. Athena EMR provides capabilities to help suppliers document more quickly and accurately while focusing on delivering excellent patient care. Providers can access client records, generate and sign orders, and respond to client cases anywhere, at any time, thanks to intuitive processes and a fully interconnected mobile app. To know more about Athena medical records, you can go through Athena EHR reviews or schedule an Athena EMR demo.

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