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The Most Common Traffic Tickets and What Their Penalties Can Be?

You might be hurrying to an event or getting late for a class but the speed can be expensive if you are not careful enough. US laws have been made more strict given the increasing number of road accidents over the years.

The government and the relevant authorities are doing their best to make the commute convenient for drivers and passengers. Platforms like Paybyplatema and roadside signs to clarify speeding limits, precautions, etc. are all part of the effort to make sure travelers are safe and have a smooth drive to their destination.

Despite all the efforts, it is unfortunate that common traffic tickets are now being given in greater numbers than ever and road incidents have become more common too.

Bad Driving Habits and Their Consequences

3. Speeding

Speeding, by far, is one of the most frequent issues we observe on the road. It is always advised to keep a check on the speedometer but minor inconveniences such as being late to a meeting, or picking up a kid from school are somehow enough to convince us to drive over the speed limit. Well, at least a majority of us.

The authorities have posted limits on intervals at the roadside as a reminder for drivers to be careful.

You will certainly get fined for over-speeding but the exact amount depends on several factors. The situation would be worse if you are found drunk, the car is missing an essential part such as the speedometer or side view mirrors or you are not able to produce identification documents at that time.

2. Driving Without a Seatbelt

Drivers often forget to put on their seatbelts mindlessly but it can have dire consequences. This little precaution can save you from serious injuries if you are met by an accident. Perhaps that is why US laws impose a hefty fine on drivers who are found driving without a seatbelt. The ticket can cost you as much as $1,000 if convicted!

The rule applies to all the states on all roads and everyone in the car. If a minor is not buckled up, the adult in the vehicle will be held responsible.

3. Aggressive Driving

According to the driving laws in States and Canada, speeding over 30 mph, participating in street racing, taking part in drag racing, having multiple tickets in a short period, or being found involved in road rage qualify as aggressive behavior on the road.

You may be required to undertake an aggressive driver course if the judge finds you guilty of aggressive driving. These courses typically work like “therapy sessions” as they are conducted on a one-to-one basis.

The lessons aim to make the participant aware of what aggressive driving behavior means and to guide him or her on how to keep the situation under control.

However, penalties in some states may be more strict than in others. For example, you can get convicted in South Carolina Dorchester county, North Carolina, or New York if you are found guilty of inciting or taking part in road rage of any type.

What Can You Do To Keep a Traffic Ticket Off Driving Record?

Defensive driving classes and traffic schools can help you understand rules and regulations more precisely. They are also of good assistance to new drivers who want to keep any type of ticket off their driving records. However, there is not much you can do once a penalty has already been reported.

When multiple traffic tickets show up on your record, you will be considered a higher-risk driver. This will cause the insurance to go up! There are a few things you can do to reverse the consequences or minimize the negative impact this has on your record.

  1. You must contest the ticket in court if you want to get it off your record.
  2. Write down the circumstances of the ticket in full detail and state your defense in clear words too.
  3. You can attach pictures of the speed limit to prove your innocence. Any other type of material that may be helpful can be used as well.
  4. Note down the court date and make sure you show up on time for the hearing. Also, get in touch with a lawyer if the accident is serious or the case is about driving under influence.
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