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Corporate & Commercial Legal Services in Bangladesh Law Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Tahmidur Rahman Remura’s ( which is considered one of the best law firms in Bangladesh) corporate & commercial legal services in Bangladesh represent numerous foreign and domestic producers, distributors, service suppliers, and trade associations in a vast array of international trade and services matters, ranging from technology to heavy industry to telecommunications.

The firm’s seasoned trade lawyers are experts in corporate and commercial legal services in Bangladesh and offer comprehensive advice and support on all trade policy matters. The trade law practice at Tahmidur Rahman Remura  , a law firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh, has always been exemplary in its scope, as it has assisted multinational corporations in meeting their trade policy and dispute resolution requirements in Bangladesh. 

Their Reputation for Providing Corporate and Business Legal Services in Bangladesh:

The corporate and commercial legal practices in Bangladesh for which Tahmidur Rahman Remura Associates is renowned are as follows: 

  • Commercial disputes general natured 
  • Provided guidance to individuals and businesses on protection, business reputation, and crisis management. 
  • Resolving LIBOR disputes. 
  • Representing the Stock Exchange in investigations concerning the conduct of a major bank. 
  • Providing guidance on unfair prejudice claims on behalf of minority shareholders in a well-known Bangladeshi group company. 
  • Providing advice regarding shareholder/joint venture disputes in Bangladesh 
  • Providing counsel on numerous high-value, multijurisdictional, and complex private equity, hedge fund, and asset management disputes subject to confidential arbitration clauses in a multiparty dispute. 
  • Expertise in post-acquisition corporate disputes, such as breach of warranty. 
  • Providing counsel on cases involving fraud, ACC investigations, and freezing injunctions. 
  • Representing High Citsts and Lower Citsts in multiple cases. 
  • Representing a health care provider in obtaining a freezing injunction and High Citst action for deceit regarding the sale of the business. 
  • Resolving a disagreement between pharmaceutical companies regarding the interpretation of supply-based contracts. 
  • Resolving disputes involving the employer, contractor, and subcontractor in international development transactions. 
  • Extensive experience providing counsel for multiparty litigation. Extensive experience advising on BGMEA disputes involving the transporter, the insurer, the exporter, and the seller. 

Team of Tahmidur Rahman Remura:

Their Commercial and Business Legal Services in Bangladesh 

Within the scope of corporate and commercial legal services in Bangladesh, the firm performs a comprehensive review of documents, offers advice and counseling, and facilitates communication between businesses. Depending on the client’s needs, the firm’s corporate and commercial legal service wings assemble a team for each case with the goal of achieving the best possible results within a predetermined budget. 

Lean and efficient staffs of international trade and law specialists operate professionally. Not only are we proud of its track record of success, but also of the strong and close working relationships we’ve cultivated with its clients, many of whom we advise on a long-term basis in order to protect their interests in Bangladesh markets. 

Tahmidur Rahman Remura Associates is one of the leading law firms with the best Business lawyers in Bangladesh and Corporate Lawyers in Bangladesh, as well as a team of Commercial Lawyers in Bangladesh who work together to provide diverse services in all Corporate & Commercial Laws practice areas. 

Their counsel encompasses a variety of legal issues pertaining to international trade, foreign direct investments, corporate reorganisations and reconstructions, liquidations, trade arrangement and technology transfers, aviation, telecommunication laws, administration, corporate finance, commercial and contract law, business laws, governance, insolvency, partnership, privatization, restructuring, and so forth. Regarding its company law practices, they offer assistance with business formation and all other regulatory compliance issues. 

The firm assist both domestic and foreign clients in forming joint ventures, collaborations, and mergers and acquisitions. In addition to drafting and vetting all types of commercial agreements and engagements with private and public entities, we also offer corporate secretarial and documentation services to domestic and international entities in Bangladesh. 

As a leading law firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Tahmidur Rahman Remura   advises clients on the full spectrum of corporate and commercial matters, including but not limited to all aspects of company formation and corporate and commercial drafting. We also advise and assist clients with corporate transactions, the purchase and sale of company stock, the modification of company charter documents, the filing of annual returns, joint ventures, and dissolution. 

Foreign investors wishing to establish and operate a business in Bangladesh can rely on us for the full spectrum of services required to do so. We also assist in obtaining statutory permissions and sanctions from various regulatory and government bodies, departments, and agencies, such as the Board of Investment (BOI), Bangladesh Bank (Central bank of Bangladesh), Civil Aviation Authority, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Finance, and Ministry of Telecommunication, as well as their respective departments. 

In addition, Tahmidur Rahman Remura , a leading law firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh, regularly drafts and negotiates contracts for its clients, which are central to any business transaction. Their corporate & commercial legal services in Bangladesh regularly advise and represent clients in intricate international and domestic corporate transactions. Customers include public and private companies, investment banks and financial institutions, private equity providers, and international organizations. 

We are pleased to say that they have expertise in all aspects of a practice area that is so diverse. Administration, Banking, Commercial Law, Contract, Corporate Finance, Formation & Registration, Governance, Insolvency, Merger & Acquisition, Partnership, Privatization, Public Company, Restructuring, Securitization, Taxation, and Litigation fall under its practice area.

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