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Can a Cosmetic Formulation Chemist Work with My Existing Formula

A cosmetic chemist or consultant is an independent scientist skilled at formulating original cosmetic products. Working with such chemists is a good decision if you want to improve your current cosmetic product or formula. Consider approaching a cosmetic formulation chemist to incorporate your ideas or identify areas of improvement.

What Is a Cosmetic Formulation Chemist?

Cosmetic chemists are professionals who focus on researching and developing new cosmetics, including lotions, makeup, and shampoos. They are trained in molecular interactions between specific substances used in cosmetic products. If you’re stuck in the idea stage, working with an experienced chemist can take you through the necessary steps to creating unique products. 

The chemist will research, experiment, and improve the product to develop a fine-tuned formula. Whether innovating a new product or improving your favorite makeup, cosmetic chemists can help you create a safe product. They’re experienced in creating safe, fragrant, and effective cosmetics with longer shelf life. A cosmetic formulation chemist can work with different compounds, including all-natural and over-the-counter ingredients as well as getting the hydrogel from top hydrogel manufacturers.

How Can a Cosmetic Chemist Help?

Cosmetic chemists have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in chemistry, cosmetic and pharmaceutical science, or microbiology. They specialize in developing and testing different cosmetic products, from skincare to cleansing. Here’s how cosmetic chemist labs can help you improve your existing formula:

  • Analyze the formula and all its constituents
  • Identify new ways to improve your formula
  • Use your inputs to formulate a new, improved formula
  • Testing the improved cosmetic product
  • Create samples and complete products featuring the new, improved formula

What Products Can Cosmetic Chemists Improve?

Experienced cosmetic chemists can improve, test, and manufacture various cosmetic formulas, from skincare and haircare to industrial formulas. Others specialize in pet care, men’s care, or aromatherapy. Leading cosmetic chemist labs can improve all kinds of products, including the following:

  • Skincare Formulas: Moisturizers, serums, masks, cleansers, and exfoliants
  • Haircare Formulas: Shampoos, conditioners, gels, masks, serums, and hair sprays
  • Beauty Formulas: Lip products, eye shadows, foundations, powders, and makeup
  • Men’s Grooming Formulas: Haircare, beard care, and skin care products for men
  • Pet Care Formulas: Pet shampoos, moisturizers, and grooming products
  • Baby Care Formulas: Baby haircare, skincare, and sun care products
  • Aromatherapy Formulas: Perfumes, essential oils, fragrances, and fresheners
  • Sun Care Formulas: Sunscreens, moisturizers, and over-the-counter hybrid products

Working With a Cosmetic Chemist

Cosmetic formulation chemists can improve your formula within a few days or weeks. They’ll start by capturing your needs, analyzing the current product, and identifying ways to improve it. Improvements may involve adding, removing, or replacing specific components. Here are things to expect when working with a chemist to enhance your existing cosmetic formula:

1. Contact Forms & NDAs

You can use the designated chemist’s online contact forms to schedule a discovery call. The best cosmetic chemists offer easy-to-fill forms with specific questions and enough space to describe your needs. Your selected chemists should also provide a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), which protects your idea from being shared or stolen. During the discovery call, you’ll have a chance to discuss the project with a professional representative. Here are some things to talk about:

  • The type of product you want to improve
  • Ingredients/compounds to be featured (or removed)
  • How the final product should look like
  • Your expectations from the service

2. Formula Analysis & Improvement

Once the chemist has the project details and your current formula, they can begin improving it. A team of chemists will be assigned the projects to start the research, testing, and improvements. The chemist should also provide a project timeline so that you’ll know when the first sample of your improved formula is ready. Once samples are sent by mail, you can test them, request any changes, or approve the samples for production.

3. Formula Production & Testing 

If you approve the samples, the chemist can complete the first improved formula. You’ll have another chance to test the enhanced formula before requesting bulk production. If you’re happy with the product, the chemist can send it to manufacturing. Cosmetic formulation chemists can also use customer feedback to continue improving the formula.

Experienced Cosmetic Formulation Chemist

Cosmetic products are highly marketable because of the demand for better quality and compounds. If you have an idea that can improve the value and efficacy of your current cosmetics, a chemist can help you achieve safe improvements. The chemist will review your formula and needs and determine the best way to improve the product.

Working with an experienced cosmetic formulation chemist is the best way to improve your product. Choose chemists with a portfolio of highly-rated cosmetic products. The best labs handle everything, including stability and preservative efficacy testing, source packaging, product cost analysis, and design services. Experienced chemists provide professional insights or work with your specific inputs to achieve the desired improvements.

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