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Creating a Patient-Friendly Healthcare Facility

When a person walks into a healthcare facility, they want to see a clean, brightly lit space. This fills them with confidence. They may already be nervous and don’t want to be stuck in an uncomfortable chair waiting for their name to be called. These individuals also don’t want to be crammed together, particularly when someone is coughing or otherwise appears to be sick. The right atmosphere can transform a healthcare facility. How should an organization go about creating a patient-friendly environment? 

Waiting Room Furniture

A patient’s first experience with a healthcare facility begins when they enter the waiting room. A welcoming space will encourage them to come in and allow them to feel more relaxed. Consider this when choosing hospital furniture. The individual may need to be seen for an emergency or might be waiting to hear news of a loved one. Scheduled procedures can fill a person with dread, although some hospital visits are for a joyous occasion, such as when a new baby has arrived. Regardless of why the person is at the facility, ensure they have clean and comfortable seating. 

Cleanliness is Important

Certain areas of the hospital see frequent turnover. A good example of this is the emergency room. Patients come and go in the area constantly. Some move upstairs to a room, while others receive treatment and are discharged. This area needs to remain clean at all times. A facility might find this challenging because of the regular movement of individuals through the space, but cleanliness must be a priority. No person wants to enter a dirty healthcare facility, as they don’t want to pick up germs left by a previous visitor. 

Food and Beverages

Healthcare facilities should have water available to all patients and visitors. Water is necessary for human life and should be easily accessible at all times. A facility may also wish to provide guests with coffee, and some centers choose to provide free snacks and beverages beyond water and coffee. The facility determines what will best meet the needs of its clientele. Comfort foods boost the mood while alleviating sadness and loneliness. They promote positive feelings in the individual consuming the food, which will make this person feel better about the facility as a whole. Consider this when deciding what to offer guests. 

Friendly Staff

A person visiting a healthcare facility may already be stressed. Something is wrong with their health or that of a loved one, in many cases, and they need people to support them during this difficult time. Friendly staff members are essential to a welcoming patient environment. They need to make each person entering the facility feel important rather than a name and a number. This gives the patient confidence in the care they will receive. 

Wi-Fi Access

During the global pandemic, family members often weren’t allowed to accompany their patients to medical appointments or stay with them in the hospital. They were permitted at times to take part in telehealth visits, but there were situations where they would need to rely on what the patient remembered from the visit.

Communication remains key to quality health care, and facilities need to offer their patients WiFi access. This allows them to remain in constant communication with family members even when they cannot be present in the facility. This is only one way technology can be used in medicine today, which increases the importance of WiFi access today. 

Every healthcare facility needs to ensure it is patient-friendly. The above measures are an excellent way to ensure this is the case. Many people remain hesitant to see doctors today. Make the facility welcoming and they are more likely to return. 

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