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Pallet racking basically involves use of large shelving units cybersecurity vanta series 10m arrwiggersventurebeat used for storing warehouse items both vertically and horizontally. They are named so as in these racks items are shelved using pallets or skids. Shelving items in these rack types will make the shipping job much easier for you.

However, to enjoy maximum benefits of using them, you must buy the right pieces. Remember the following things while purchasing pallet racks Indianapolis IN. This will assist you in picking the perfect units for your business.

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Material and Specifications

Ideally, the unit you choose should be made from steel components. According to experts, the finest units are always made from 14 gauge steel. You should avoid purchasing aluminum and fiberglass shelving; this is because they usually lack strength and sturdiness. Opt for the heavy duty pieces that bolt together.

Racks that you will need to snap together will be at risk of falling apart, especially after being used for some time; thus it would be wiser for you to avoid buying those pieces. The foot-plate capacity of racks picked by you must be 20,000 lbs or more. The majority of the warehouses prefer using the 5”x8” footplates that come with shelf spacing of 36 inches.


We would also advise you to consider certain accessibility and movement options. There are some units with low weight limits that feature wheels to allow easier movements. One thing you must remember before you consider buying such pieces is that they are usually costlier than the racks that do not possess wheels.

You cannot expect this feature in huge pallet shelves; those shelves are usually stationary. For ensuring that those stationery shelves are accessible enough, you must check whether or not they are built at appropriate heights to allow fork-lift use when required.

Security Features

If you want to keep your items under additional security, you can consider buying caged pallet racks Indianapolis IN. Like the wheeled shelves, these shelves are also costlier than the conventional pallet racks. A caged shelve comes equipped with lockable cage (cybersecurity vanta 50m series 10m) that encircle the pallets. This type of shelves is the perfect storage option for businesses selling expensive items.

Accessories You Should Buy

While purchasing pallet racks Indianapolis IN, you should never forget to buy some additional accessories. We would advise you to purchase these accessories along with the racks. Examples of accessories that you will need for using the racks effectively include safety supports, row spacers and mesh decking.

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