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Definition of SXO | An Optimization With Little Onions

A single letter differentiates them and yet SEO and SXO do not focus on the same issues. While the first is a guarantee of good referencing in the pages of Google, the second is resolutely oriented towards the user experience. One thing is certain, you will have to get used to dealing with both techniques. We are already in a trend favoring user experience, more commonly known as UX. Google is no longer content to watch your content, it now takes news of your visitors. If you do not yet know what it is, quickly discover the definition of Sound the benefits of applying these tips to your website.

A welcome worthy of a starred restaurant

The acronym SXO stands for Search experience OptimizationThis practice consists of promoting the well-being of visitors through the relevance of the content of your website. When you invite friends over for visit the finest and qualified fiction ghostwriting services, you make sure to make them comfortable in a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere. You appreciate them and you want them to come back. The same is true for visitors to your website. By offering them a qualitative and targeted experience, you have every chance that they will stay until the digestive. The icing on the cake, they may turn into prospects (your customers, not your friends, you know how to receive!). It is precisely this welcome aimed at offering arch and comfortable experience that these little tricks allow you to sublimate.

Here are some ingredients to delight your guests:

  • You must know the expectations of your gourmets at your fingertipsCheck if they are more salty or sweet, lovers of good wine or cocktails, and compose around a semantic cocoon. Then, offer them à la carte content specially designed for them;
  • By becoming an expert in your field of intervention, you will offer texts full of useful and reliable information. Take care of the semantic field, the construction of your articles, and the internal linking of your site. You will make it more attractive: before being good, it has to be beautiful;
  • Avoid the endless slides that you present to your friends back from vacation. They don’t dare tell you, but it only interests you and it’s boring… Prefer dynamic imagesquality videos that support your point. How about some background music? You do it well at home.

To understand the importance of internal networking and the need to properly build your site, you can watch this video by Lucie Ronde let.

Definition of SXO: user experience on the menu of the day

With the SXO, the motto could be “settle down, we take care of everything”. To enjoy a good meal with friends, nothing better than a quiet and comfortable place. For a successful user experience, everything will be played at the ergonomic level. A site that takes a long time to load will see visitors running away. Likewise, if it’s not thought out in a responsive way, it won’t be viewable on phones or tablets. We know today that more than half of visitors do so from their mobile. As we do not make a gourmet wait between two dishes, it is important not to lose an Internet user between two pages. Also be sure to offer links with an opening in a new tab, to prevent your visitor from leaving before the start of the service.

There are easy and effective recipes to implement (out of) work:

  • Keep in mind that you only have 10 short seconds to capture a visitor’s attention before seeing them drift off to other horizons. So, pay close attention to the loading time of your pages. If you don’t like to wait, then don’t make others wait;
  • Organize your site in such a way that it is easy to navigate. If we mixed starters, main courses, and desserts in the same menu, it would be difficult to choose. Your site must be clear so as not to lose the reader before he sits down to eat;
  • Regularly offer new formulas. Google does not appreciate the same preparation being presented several times in the dish of the day. By varying quality content, you increase your chances of making him salivate and get noticed.

If you don’t have all the ingredients available, call on one of our talented cordon bleu chefs who will be happy to put on their apron to concoct your favorite content for you.

Google: the bill, please!

You are probably wondering who benefits from the SXO? Your door is wide open, but you have no intention of concocting all these preparations just to please others. In fact, it is beneficial for everyone. By increasing the visit time on your site, Google becomes your best ambassador (not for chocolate). Then, by minimizing the bounce rate on your pages, you retain your readership and increase your chances of converting them into customers. By being at the heart of your visitors’ concerns, you stand out from your competitors. This is how you will become indispensable and attract more and more Internet users. By taking care of SEO and SXO, you increase your chances of being able to monetize your site. Indeed, the free traffic generated guarantees you a good position in the results of The Tiny Tech, without having to pay the addition of advertising.

All this cooking to undertake seems delicate to you or, quite simply, you do not have time to pass your texts to the pan, then constitute your brigade of (scullions) web editors.

You’re well-honed to organize a text feast and a marketing strategy worthy of a great SEO and SXO web copywriter. You have now understood with this definition of the SXO the importance of taking care of the reception of your Internet users. So, what if we got down to business by consulting the map of possibilities together?

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