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Down and Demotivated: What to Do When You Fall Off the Track

We all have phases where our life takes a nosedive. No matter how much we try, life takes a different trajectory. We get derailed from our life’s track, hitting a rock bottom as a result.

The resultant demotivation and hopelessness can be hard to evade. Often, such situations are also hallmarked by lack of interest in your life. There can be mood problems, feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, and downward tumble of emotions.

However, if this state of blues, hopelessness and crying persists for long periods of time, then you must enlist the help of the Best Psychiatrist in Lahore, because these characteristics also tend to accompany depression as well.

What to do when you fall off the track?

If you find yourself de-tracked and demotivated, you can do things that can set you back on your journey. These include:

Don’t wallow in self-pity

There is nothing as useless as self-pity. Wallowing in misery does not serve you any good. At one point, you need to stop moping, and channel your energies to serve something better.

So, collect yourself. End the crying. And start your journey of wellbeing. 

Invest in goal-making

Goal-making is an excellent tip for resuming your plan of wellness. When your mind knows where to focus its energies, it will help you then channel them in a more effective manner.

Have an action plan

When you know where to focus your energies at, you can then make an action plan accordingly. Your game plan needs to be smart; the goals need to be achievable, they need to be measurable, they must be attainable and be realistic.

To not overwhelm yourself, you should work on making an action plan that is composed of gradual steps. If you take on too much, you might then feel even more demotivated into working.

Manage stress otherwise in your life

When your life is already going through a rough patch, you don’t need more stress in your life. Hence, try to manage sources of stress otherwise. Meditation, mindfulness, yoga and breathing exercises are some ways that you can manage your stress levels.

It’s okay to have rough patches

Just because your life has hit a rough patch does not mean that you throw in the towel. It just means time is bad right now, not that time will always be bad.

So, if you find yourself feeling demotivated to do anything and detached from your life, then don’t further pressure yourself by fixating on the rough patch. It is okay, we all experience such phases. Be easy on yourself.

Maybe it’s to redirect you

Hitting a low point does not necessarily have to be a bad thing; it may be a natural event to make you realize that you need to change your direction.

It may be an indicator of you being destined for something else. Perhaps, it is time to regroup your thoughts, recuperate and redirect your energies.

Seek support

A word of encouragement from your friends and family can also help when you hit the wall. They may offer you perspectives that you otherwise might not have realized yourself.

Furthermore, words of encouragement have a lot of power, don’t underestimate them.

Understand why you ran into issues

You might also find your answers in understanding why you hit the rock bottom. It may have to do with some external factors, your mental health, burn out etc.

Hence, if you know why you ran into trouble, you can then remedy it to get back on track.

Seeking expert help

Your emotional health is closely tied to your motivation levels. If you see either faltering, you can also seek help from a mental health expert like the Best Psychiatrist in Karachi to address any issues pertaining to the health of your mind and get back on the track of wellness again.

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