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Dumpor – Best Instagram Story Viewer and Profile Editor Tools in 2022

Instagram is a viral social media site, and millions of people use it. Many people want to download and save Instagram stories and also view previous stories of people, but Instagram does not provide this function to download, view, and save stories from it. There are a lot of online software and apps that help you download and view Instagram stories, but you have to pay for them. But one website available which provides services free of cost to the user is dumpor.com.

Dumpor is a website that allows you to view Instagram stories of anyone on Instagram, and you don’t need to follow them. In this article, we will know in-depth about dumpor Instagram. And how to download Instagram stories and view Instagram stories, viewers? 

What is dumpor? 

Simply, dumpor is a website or site, and its function is for those who want to download Insta stories, post reels, and view previous reports of anyone on Instagram. Still, Instagram cannot allow them then these all functions allow dumpor websites. You can run dumpor web on your computer and mobile phone, and you can also watch Instagram stories of the following user or not, which they have already deleted. It helps save stories on Instagram or manage letter lists that you want to see in your free time. 

How to use the dumpor website and save Instagram stories? 

Dumpor is not only a website for downloading or saving Instagram stories. But it also works as an analytical tool. It helps you dive in-depth into your account on Instagram and know about your account and where it needs to work as many people want to increase followers, likes, comments, and views on posts on Instagram. So, dumpor gives the best content which can improve your performance there, and it also shows you about your competitor on Instagram. Get genuine Instagram followers at https://famoid.com/buy-instagram-followers/ for fast, cheap, safe & easy use. Click here to buy real IG followers from the best providers on the web today!

Start using a dumpor website; first, you have to go onto the main website like dumpor.com.

Second, enter the username there.

Then choose the profile of your Instagram account which you want to know or explore. 

You can view posts, view stories, and save on Instagram stories without any Instagram account on dumpor. 

It is the best website dumpor instagram review stories, and on this, you can view Instagram and immediately erase history from it. 

What are the characteristics of a dumpor website? 

There are a lot of features of this dumpor Instagram website. First of all, it is free of cost. You can use it easily, and no charge applies to it. Its interface is very friendly, and you can use it on mobile. Another feature is that it provides you #tages like #motivational and #poetry, and through it, you can increase your views of posts. Finally, you can browse on it, and nobody can see about activities and people you check on your Instagram account. 

Is there any risk available while using a dumpor? 

There is no risk to you while using dumpor because it does not Save your information on websites. And it cannot be leaked due to its privacy that no data remains on their website. It allows you to save data according to your instruction, and it takes permission from you when you see posts and IG stories. 

Is there any limitation regarding downloading? 

Dumpor’s website does not set any restrictions for downloading, but it allows you to download unlimited posts and stories on Instagram. You can save recordings endless for free. It must be appreciated that this website’s function is free of cost. 


Dumpor’s website is free of cost, and it has the best features like saving total posts and stories on IG. When you do it, you do not have any threats or risks of leaking your information, and you don’t need to account for views of other Instagram stories on your account. 

The best features are that it provides you with data about your account, which means it performs hindi shayari sites your Instagram account performance. It helps you to know your weaknesses and also helps to improve your account performance. Dumpor alternative also tells you about your competitors on Instagram and to grow more from them. It is the best website for Instagram users.

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