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Everything You Need to Know About Utilizing Managed WordPress

The eCommerce market holds more opportunities than ever before for digital entrepreneurs to launch successful online businesses. WordPress is the most popular CMS platform globally, powering over 64 million websites and online stores. If you want to launch a unique and competitive website in 2022, consider the advantages of managed WordPress hosting to get the most out of your site. With managed WordPress hosting, server administration is covered so you can focus on developing your business. You should also use a web host that supports this builder when using WordPress. By reading the detailed DreamHost review, you’ll see why this provider can be the right choice for you.


The eCommerce market is projected to reach over $1 trillion for the first time in 2022. This means the digital marketing landscape is now more competitive than ever before. Businesses need an engaging and eye-catching online presence to remain competitive and reach a broad consumer base. The ability to customize your website is essential for building your brand. WordPress offers the ability for full-scale customization through the use of plugins to create a site that is truly unique and highly functional for your specific business. However, getting your site to this level can take a lot of testing, management, and technical know-how. With managed wordpress hosting, you have access to a team of professionals who can help you optimize your use of plugins and other features to customize your site. Beside, you can hire top eCommerce website builders to build or customize your eCommerce website.

Performance Monitoring

Plugins are essential for customization and engagement on your site. However, they can often slow your site speed and require regular updates to remain efficient. With managed WordPress hosting from Nexcess, their professional team uses a visual comparison tool that will ensure all plugins are updated quickly and without altering the look or performance of your website. You also have access to a dashboard with iThemes Sync, allowing you to manage all of your sites simultaneously with customizable notifications and reporting. Further, with managed WordPress hosting, your site is hosted on a server explicitly optimized for WordPress, allowing it to run more quickly than on cheaper shared hosting plans. Nexcess also offers “speed-boosting features like image optimization and content delivery networks.”

WooCommerce Automation & Sales Analytics

If you’re opening your online store through a WordPress server, you will most likely utilize the WooCommerce plugin to create your eCommerce platform. With WooCommerce, you can customize your online store and sell anything through your WordPress site. Nexcess’ managed WordPress hosting can include automated WooCommerce testing to ensure your online store stays running and performing efficiently 24/7 with experts ready to assist at all hours. This will allow you to understand your site’s performance and sales better and plan for scalability. With Managed WordPress hosting from Nexcess, scalability is easy, “Features like auto-scaling allow you to bypass PHP capacity limits for short durations of time, while instant upgrades and downgrades help you quickly meet increased demand.”

Security and Data Management

As you continue to scale your sites, you must ensure they are constantly updated on the latest security features and risk standards. Because WordPress is so widely used, these sites are also popular targets for cyberattacks. Up to date, reliable security for all of your websites is essential for operating safely and securely with online buyers and users. With Nexcess managed WordPress hosting, your site is automatically updated with the latest security and software updates to protect your data. Nexcess will also store site backups for 30 days on a separate server, so you can rest assured knowing your risk is eliminated and your security is always at its peak.

You can find tremendous success launching an online store and scaling your WordPress site in 2022. With managed WordPress hosting services, the tedious nature of updating and managing a series of websites can all become effortless with a team of professionals to assist you with optimizing and maintaining your sites.

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