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The Fantastic Flavors to First Try in Rita’s Italian Ice

The ice cream at Rita’s Italian Ice is quite special, even among all the ice cream options. First off, Italian ice isn’t really like regular ice cream. It doesn’t use any dairy products, so it works for the lactose-intolerant and the vegans. And it’s even low in fat, sugar, and calories. Even Rita’s Italian Ice cream prices are on the low side.

The main issue if you’re a newbie at Rita’s is that you often have too many flavors to pick from. Some locations offer at least 60 different flavors for Italian ice, and other locations may have as many as 95 different flavors on the menu. That can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re a newbie here.

To make sure your first foray to the flavors in this ice cream is terrific, try to start your taste tests with the following excellent flavors:


The folks at Rita’s acknowledge that the Mango flavor they offer is the #1 bestseller in the place. No one can really say for sure why it’s the top favorite, but we do our suspicions. Part of it is because the mango flavor is almost always available. That’s not really true with the other fruity flavors.

In addition, there’s no denying the absolute “mango-ness” of this flavor. Every bite of the Italian ice is just absolutely fruity and oozing with this terrific summery flavor. On a hot summer day, it’s just smashing.


This flavor comes in second just right after mango, and it’s a comfortably familiar flavor that you’ll want to return to time and again. This has always been among the top favorites at Rita’s, and it won’t ever go out of favor among the patrons.

Part of its charm, especially for adults, is that the sweetness level is just right. Some of the other flavors may be just a bit too sweet for adult taste buds. This cherry flavor has that ideal sweetness that you just won’t get tired of. It may not be all that adventurous, but if you want something comfy and familiar, this is it.

Swedish Fish

Despite the rather unusual name, this is actually the 3rd most popular flavor in the joint. It’s rather unexpected, since some people might be put off with the potential fish flavor in their frozen treat.

But actually, the flavor is modeled after the Swedish Fish candy, which was introduced by a Swedish candy company into the US back in the 1950s. The candies do look like a small fish (but with some imagination on your part). The flavor is quite unique, as it somehow tastes like cherry and berry. The original flavor is lingonberry, which isn’t exactly a common flavor in the US.

Sour Patch Kids Red

If you’re a fan of the Swedish Fish but would like something new, then it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll also enjoy this Sour Patch Kids Red flavor. This time, it’s inspired by the cherry red Sour Patch gummy.

You’ll like this if you already like that particular candy. But even if you didn’t like that candy, you’ll probably still like this one. It’s like the cherry flavor, and it has this distinct sour note that the ice enhances. It’s very fruity, and it’s not a flavor you’ll tire of quickly.

Piña Colada

When the summer days are muggy, you might fantasize about enjoying a real drink at a beach somewhere in the tropics. This particular “mocktail” flavor can help you feel like you’re there. It’s not alcoholic, of course, but it tastes festive and relaxing.


This is one exotic fruit flavor that isn’t all that common in the country, but it really ought to be more popular. It has this powerful scent that draws you in, and then you get to enjoy the tarty sweet taste. This flavor is quite unique, although you might find some similarities with the pineapple and kiwi flavors.

The taste here is quite strong, so be prepared. Some people are a bit shocked by the powerful flavor, so you might want to try this out after you’ve had your fill of the more subtle flavors.


This is a particular favorite among lots of Asians (particularly Thais), but it should appeal to those with a more adventurous spirit. This is quite different from your regular strawberry and cherry flavors.

Yes, the fruit flavor is quite sweet, and you might say that it’s a mix of pear and strawberry. The approximation of the guava flavor is nicely accurate. If you’ve enjoyed actual guava before, then you’ll find this flavor very familiar.


Let’s end this list with another familiar, classic flavor that you’ll surely like. After all, who doesn’t like the lemon flavor? This is like enjoying a glass of lemonade during a hot summer day, but this time it’s absolutely cold. That sweet and sour combo will never get old!

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