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Financial Planning For Home Refinancing

Today, the global crisis is really affecting the economy condition. Almost all the countries were affected by the global crisis especially for developed countries. The global crisis leads many companies to be bankrupt and resulting in more unemployment. Higher prices make every person trying to save their expenses. For the upper middle economy might not be too affected by this global crisis. But for those in lower economy income it will increase the burden of life.

This conditions is then used by the financial institution as an opportunity to get a prospective customer. It is clearly reason because the needs of people is unlimited. For example the need for the house, which is considered as the basic (primary) needs. Everyone has a dream to have own home to stay. Although the price of a house or land is more expensive, but many put up efforts to get it. With limited finances to buy a house in cash, it would not be easy. What is the solution? Taking credits to financial institutions such as bank.

Banks as financial institutions would be able to provide solutions for getting a house. By way of mortgage. Mortgage credit facility provided by the bank can then be used to buy a new house. And the customer pays to the bank in installments over a certain period. In order to get credit from banks, we must meet requirement that we should have some cash at least 30% of the total price of houses to be purchased.

Also we must have a guarantee, usually a certificate which is used as collateral house. Other requirements include that we must have worked a minimum of 2 years. Prospective customers at least 21 years of age and maximum 50 years. Last, completing other administrative requirements and fill out mortgages offered by banks. After that the bank will learn first before approval.

By interviews process, the bank will determine prospective customers who are eligible to get a mortgage loan. Based on the results of the interview, the bank will decide to approve or not approve the customer. It is important to be noted by potential borrowers before taking a loan from the bank to think carefully. Do not burden themselves and family because of taking credit from bank.

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