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Find out what the Cyber Range is for!

Modern cybercriminals have many ways to get into the servers of even the best companies. For this reason, cybersecurity specialists are looking for new solutions that allow for continuous training and testing their skills. One of the modern methods that works well in the fight against hackers is the use of Cyber Ranges. What are they, and what are they for? Read on to find out more!

Do I need a Cyber Range?

Simple protection against cyber threats is no longer enough. According to data in Europe itself, we are dealing with one attack every 11 seconds. Attacks are therefore not only more frequent. They are also becoming more and more invasive. According to estimates, the global cost of damage from cyber-attacks has increased fifty-seven times since 2015. Deficiencies in protection are simply unprofitable. Cyber Range is a needed investment.

We have to understand that the victims of hacker attacks are very different organizations from the public and private sectors. Surely you’ve heard about the various forms of attacks more than once. The media repeatedly contain information about the blocked operation of the power plants, stolen government documents, or attacked companies from which customer data leaked. You can protect yourself from such crises.

The biggest problem in defending against cyber-attacks is the lack of staff. Everyone is racing to find the best cybersecurity employees. That is why you need a Cyber Range. Thanks to it, you will use the potential of your employees and help them to become specialists in the field of cybersecurity.

What is a Cyber Range?

Have you ever heard of a virtual cybersecurity exercise environment? This is the Cyber Range, a place where anyone can become a specialist in repelling hacker attacks. This space hosts activities divided into four categories: modelling, simulation, monitoring and practice, i.e. professional training. Platforms such as cdex.cloud offer a wide range of training, during which both beginners and experienced IT specialists dealing with cybersecurity can practice their skills. They also work well in the recruitment process as a form of checking the knowledge and skills of candidates in the field of cybersecurity.

More specifically, Cyber Range gives you access to a virtual training platform. Its characteristic feature is that it allows you to operate in a realistic environment. Such a comprehensive tool offers many possibilities. One of them is the safe testing of new cybersecurity solutions. Thanks to this, your employees will be able to practice modern techniques of protection against hacker attacks faster. It also enables ongoing monitoring of the knowledge and skills of employees who deal with security in the company. It is also a great tool for evaluating team and motivation.

Cyber Range – how does it work?

There are two ways to take advantage of the Cyber Range. The mode of operation, availability and price depend on which one you choose. First, we will provide brief and general information on this topic. However, if you want to get a closer look at the Cyber Range, keep reading. You will find the details on CDeX below.

Cyber Range – brief information

There are many advantages to using the Cyber Range. Foremost, it is a training that can be done by virtually everyone. As it takes place in virtual space, exercises are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can start at any time. CDeX offers both individual and team training, including Blue Team vs. Red Team. During team training, both groups are supervised by the White Team (CDeX experts and trainers).

In addition, at the client’s special request, CDeX employees can take part in the training as the Red Team – the attacking team. It is worth knowing that the big advantage of Cyber Ranges are simulations based on real hacker attacks. Training participants can test their skills under the supervision of professionals, and then receive a detailed report on the course and results.

The goal of each training is to expand the knowledge and skills of your employees in the field of safety management. They learn to analyse IT infrastructure, detect attacks effectively, and correctly react to them. Thanks to these skills, your employees will be able to provide the company with the protection of critical systems. They will also learn to work in a team and test their capabilities while working under pressure. As you can see, with Cyber Range your employees will gain a whole range of skills. Effective protection against cyberattacks requires not only a lot of knowledge but also experience.

CDeX in the cloud

The first option to choose from is CDeX in the cloud. In this case, you are getting access to a virtual training platform in the cloud. So you don’t need to install any software. This solution gives the most convenient access to the product. You can use it anywhere in the world. Also, the training environment can be set up in less than 30 minutes. This solution is the best for companies and institutions where employees dealing with cybersecurity work in various locations. This option is also more profitable if you intend to use it in the short term.

CDeX at the company – stationary

The situation is different when it comes to using CDeX directly at the company or other organization. That form requires the installation of software. Using the platform in any location is not possible in this case. However, choosing this form has many significant advantages. Thanks to this solution, you can adapt the training environment and network infrastructure to your company. It makes all simulations even more realistic. You can also expand the infrastructure and conduct more than one training session at a time. Additionally, you can connect devices and use them in training scenarios. Importantly, with long-term use, it is a more cost-effective option.

Why is it worth using Cyber Range?

It’s well known that you need to respond quickly and efficiently to cyber threats. So you definitely need to have the right cybersecurity training tool. However, it is good to understand why it is worth choosing CDeX to be able to deal with such problems in the company. First, thanks to training, your employees learn to respond to real threats in very realistic conditions. Everything on the platform is prepared by experts and gives the chance to check skills in many different situations. An advantage of CDeX is also detailed reports on the obtained results. Another advantage is access to technical support. During the training process, your employees can use all the help they need.

Can I use CDeX for free?

Both cdex.cloud and the on-premise version are priced individually. However, you can use the Cyber Range for free on a trial basis. The demo version will allow you to familiarize yourself with the most important functions of CDeX. By participating in the free automated training, you will see how the platform works before you purchase access to it.

Discover Cyber Ranges created by companies from all over the world

Cyber Range Platforms are available all over the world and are used by commercial companies as well as governmental, military, and academic organizations. Among them, we can distinguish, among others, Polish Cyber Ranges (CDeX and CERT GAMES), as well as American (Breaking Point, SIMTEX), Dutch (Thales’ Cyber Range) and Finnish (RGCE).

As you can see, many companies and institutions have already taken advantage of the opportunities offered by cybersecurity training. This is not surprising because the cybersecurity threat is growing every day. Hackers are improving their methods of operation and are constantly looking for new ways to launch attacks. You need to know how to fight it. Cyber Range is the security you need.

More on https://cdex.cloud/cyber-range/.

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