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Five Gadgets for All Travelers – Know Before Go on Travel

Travelling is a passion for some peoples who loves to see unknown places. To make your travel more beautiful, spending your travel time with relax, you should bring these necessary gadgets. Let’s see which gadgets can makes your travel more enjoyable. Here is important 5 gadgets that you should bring with you when you’re going on a travel.

Grooveshark Bluetooth Car Kit

If you are taking your car to go exploring, there is nothing like this Bluetooth radio player for your car. With this gadget, you can make handsfree calls, stream any of the 15 million songs from Grooveshark  radio, share it with friends and build libraries. Also, it charges your smartphone.


A solowheel is an electric unicycle, that resembles a bicycle, but smaller. It has a range of 25 to 40 kilometers and reaches 10 miles per hour. You just need to balance and be ready for the fun.

Recon Instruments Live MOD

The high definition screen for Alpine Goggle shows images and information in real time. From the safety of the ascent, the hostel or the size of the path, you can use this viewer to your google goggles as a virtual whiteboard, where you can also send texts to your friends, surf in the mountain via GPS, track your stats ski real time (as the altitude of your last jump), manage playlists and align pictures without leaving Google. Really amazing.


It’s a cell phone charger that is activated with water. This Swedish invention is ideal for cyclists, hikers, campers and outdoor enthusiasts in general, because it allows the cell to load instantly, just by mixing a little water.

PlayStation Vita

For travelers with restless children, this game is ideal. This device has stylish a camera, motion sensors, and broadband wireless. The display is 5 inches.

You can play Vita with your friends because the device locates and connects other consoles.

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