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Benefits of Harley Davidson Motorcycle Ultracool Oil Cooler System

The ultimate in cool riding is now available for Big V Twin Harley Davidson motorcycle engines with the new Ultracool Oil Cooling System. This innovative product combines a cool designer look with effective heat reduction from the inside out. The new Ultracool Oil Cooling System meets all EPA restrictions and is easy to install.

Experienced motorcyclists will appreciate the benefits of this new system that looks good on the bike and brings additional comfort to their ride. This unique system works internally to keep oil temperatures within an ideal comfort range. Whether the bike is used in the city or for long distance rides, when heat is reduced, rider comfort is increased.


The Ultracool Oil Cooling System was created for excellence in design and high performance. Oil is cooled inside the oil system; using the unique Ultracool thermal switch, oil remains within an ideal comfort range between 190 and 220 degrees. Additional benefits important to Harley Davidson riders include extended engine life and a more comfortable ride. This system also achieves high marks for its ability to meet all new EPA emission restrictions.


Heat is generated from the motorcycle engine, hot oil and road heat reflection. Slow driving speeds, engine idling or stop and go city driving are major forces that create engine heat. High heat is generated by the transmission and plate clutch friction. Heat reduction can be accomplished internally by maintaining cooler temperatures of the hot engine oil. This reduction in heat also benefits the longevity potential for the engine because it reduces wear and stress.

General summer weather can cause asphalt roads to radiate heat reaching temperatures up to 155 degrees. In addition, the bike design featuring heads under the gas tank also prevents heat from dissipating. This combination always creates a hot ride. Whenever oil temperatures are above 220 degrees, riders will feel the heat more than ever.

Riders that are using the new Ultracool Oil Cooling System on their Harley Davidson motorcycles can enjoy a cooler ride because the heat is reduced by cooling the hot engine oil. Keeping the oil cool is the perfect way to create a more comfortable ride, even in stop and go city driving over hot asphalt roadways.


Compared to other products on the market that attempt to reduce heat, the UltraCool Oil Cooling System is easy to use and is durable. Riders can use leg shields, synthetic oils, oil filter coolers or larger oil pans in an attempt to reduce engine oil heat, but Ultracool is a much more efficient method to reach the same goal. Plus, UltraCool only works when you need it. When oil temperatures reach the optimum degree range, the system ceases operation until the oil again reaches the high end of the temperature comfort range.

Some call this system a perfect method of oil cooling. The Ultracool fan assisted oil cooling system works equally well when the bike is stuck in traffic as it does at highway speeds. The parts are made from high quality materials and installation is fast and easy to do within about two hours or less for the average owner.

The Ultracool Oil Cooling System is custom made for Harley Davidson motorcycles. The stylish unit fits snugly and blends right into the bike design. The unit is made from top quality materials, with stainless steel bolts and NY lock nuts. Rocks and road debris are prevented from damaging this system because it is protected by ABAS plastic and the fan is water resistant and dustproof. Harley Davidson motorcycle engines design ABAS.

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