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Heart Health and Aging – What You Should Know

Age can put you at high risk of many potential health conditions. One of the common health problems due to aging is heart disease or heart failure. There is a high risk that you may develop a heart problem when you are in your 60s. But the risk is increased when you get older or reach your 80s.

It is late in your 70s or 80s to take care of your health. But you should take care of your health early so that you can live a quality of life in your old age as well.

A top cardiologist in Lahore says that old age does not let your heartbeat as quickly as it did during your young days when you exercise. When you age, it does affect your arteries that carry blood. They become harder and lead to high blood pressure.

Some signs may help you know that you have a heart problem. The following factors can also increase the risk of having heart disease:

  • Smoking
  • Obesity
  • Uncontrolled high blood pressure
  • High cholesterol level
  • Diabetes

But you can reduce the risk of heart disease with some healthy lifestyle tips and diet plans. What should you do?

Let’s find out in the next section.

How to Reduce the Heart Disease Risk 

Yes, you have heard right that you can reduce the heart disease risk as you age. How?

Do Not Be a Couch Potato

Well, staying active can help you a lot. When you exercise, it improves your overall health. Many people, as they age, sit on the couch and like to watch TV but it should not happen. Sitting for a long time can leave negative effects on your overall health.

But being a senior person, you should avoid the high-impact exercises that can cause damage and can also cause other health problems.

You can practice low-impact exercises at home, such as walking, water aerobics, and chair yoga. If you cannot do any exercise, you should go for a walk. If you feel tired, take a break and start again. Always start your physical activity gradually.

You can start from 10 minutes and increase the time of the walk. Aerobic exercise is very effective as it boosts heart health and also enhances blood circulation.

If you are getting older, you can try sessions of muscle strengthening exercises to stay active. Strength training is crucial to keep your muscles healthy.

People who want more effective results should try the combo of a healthy diet along with exercise. You should maintain your weight according to your body mass index. The higher the weight is, the higher your chance of heart disease.

Keep Check on High Blood Pressure 

Aging increases the risk of high blood pressure which is a contributing factor to heart disease. If you experience weakness, shortness of breath, and chest pain when you age, you must consult with a heart specialist to keep a check on your health.

Some other screening may be required for heart disease. You should always check your blood pressure and cholesterol level. They are the contributing factors to heart diseases that can harm your overall health.

Quit Smoking 

You should quit smoking because it can put you at high risk of developing heart disease. Your arteries become narrow when you age. But smoking acts as a trigger and causes more damage to your arteries.

If you are in your late 60s, you still get the benefit of quitting smoking.

Eat Healthy Diet 

You should choose a diet plan that is low in trans and saturated fats. Your food plays an important role that gives long-lasting results and keeps you healthy even in your old age. As you age, you become sensitive to salt. When you consume an excessive amount, you may experience feet and legs swelling.

You should avoid the processed food intake as it can affect your overall health. Vegetables and fruits can provide all the essential nutrients to your body.

A healthy diet also helps to maintain a healthy weight. You should consume healthy calories and drink only fresh juices. Drinking sodas with artificial flavors and sweeteners can affect your health and also put you at high risk of diabetes which is a causing factor of heart disease.

Manage Your Stress Level ag

When you learn to manage stress, it will help to improve your overall health. It also promotes your emotional health and makes you happy. You can get help from a stress management program, meditation, and physical activity.

Older people are more at risk of heart problems than other young people. You should choose healthy lifestyle choices to stay healthy for a long time. You can prepare your body for the days that are coming. Make sure that you go for regular testing to keep a check on your heart health. Doctors often ask for an hba1c test. You can check the hba1c test price in pakistan online.

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