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High Impact Marketing Tools Optimized For Small Business

Express Small Business get’s you everything you need, and nothing you don’t to market your small business

Express Small Business marketing tools are modular marketing products created specifically for the needs and budgets of small business. And that’s something we have more than a passing knowledge of — we know what we’re talking about because we’re a small business ourselves, and we have years and years of experience with knowing what that’s like. So when we sat down to create the perfect marketing tools for people like us, we knew we had to design the following small business values into every kit:

The marketing solution has to work

It has a big job to do, and small business can’t fool around with things that don’t work. It has to be effective, or it’s a waste of time and resources.

It has to be well-built, scalable, and solid

We offer many small business marketing products at Express, from web sites to logos to papers stems and wraps. One thing you’ll notice right away, our products are solid state, using industry best practices, highest quality craftmanship, best materials and highest resolution. And we expect the same high quality standards from our vendors and partners that we demand from ourselves.

It has to be easy to understand, easy to maintain and easy to learn

We create the marketing tools, but you have to use them. So everything we do we do with “ease of use” in mind. Because if it’s too hard to figure it, then you probably won’t use it, and we’re back to wasting time and resources.

It has to be fast

And we mean fast all the way around. Small business is in a hurry, so we’ll get you up and running in a matter of weeks: 10 working days, in most cases.

It has to be well-supported

Because you’re going to have lots of questions, and questions deserve answers.

It has to be a good buy

Not just inexpensive, but good value, too. Try this on for size: there is not a product in our line that costs over $2,495. If you want to pay more, we’re happy to refer you elsewhere, but nothing at Express costs over $2,495.

And perhaps most importantly, it has to be yours

No lingering commitments, no on-going contracts, no subscriptions as a part of our business model. We set you up, we get you going, and we set you free. Oh sure, we’d love for you to keep doing business with us and to tell all your friends. But there’s no need to fence you in.

You’re going to like what we’ve come up with

Not because the technologies we use are so cool, but because the marketing products we’ve put together and the philosophies behind them are so effective. To compete, small business has to be crafty, and the thinking we’ve put in to our small business marketing products fits the bill like no other solution we’ve ever seen.

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