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How 3D Product Configurator Can Help Your eCommerce Store Grow?

Traditional eCommerce relies solely on 2D images to attract customers and generate revenue. And while simple product images and carousels can be effective at attracting customers, these classic marketing methods and promotion tools also have their limitations.

How many times have you hover your finger over the “Add to Cart” button, but you can’t just click it and make a purchase because of a confused feeling that the photos aren’t telling the whole story? Or resist paying a premium price for custom products because you didn’t feel confident about the final product matches the renderings?

If you have ever wished you could preview the final product you’re about to purchase, or even feel, you’ll be excited to know that advanced technologies such as augmented reality and 3D rendering have made it possible.

The 3D product configurator allows customers to preview and customize every aspect of a product before purchasing. From the leather finish of a belt to the grain of the wood in a table – 3D configurator software brings customized products to life in a private virtual showroom. 

How Do 3D Product Configurators Work?

Complex things easy, a 3D product configurator is an online interactive tool developed to provide online customers an immersive shopping experience similar to browsing in a real physical store.

Ideal for products with multiple designs, customizable formats, and features. A 3D configurator allows customers to purchase as per their precise preferences and review from multiple angles before making a purchase. When used with augmented reality, customers can even preview their customized product in their current surroundings. Sounds amazing, right?

With a 3D product configurator, customers have the option to swap and compare various finishes, styles, and fabric colors that cater to their needs. To keep things under control, you can set the parameters to ensure that whatever customers design, they can purchase a product pre-designed by you. Potential buyers can go wild with the upholstery and wood finish but they can’t change the height and width of the chair.

What Are the Benefits of a 3D Configurator?

3D product configurators have many benefits, and it’s easy to forget that 3D product configurators are so much more than stylish catalogs of shiny internet toys. They’re a powerful business resource capable of driving more sales, reducing costs, lower inventory management, and growing your brand profile.

Here are a few of the many benefits of 3D product configurators that can help in growing your eCommerce store.

1. Drive More Sales, Increase Revenue

Brands that make use of 3D configurators to showcase their products see a quick bounce in conversions of up to 40%, as in the case of TSUM, one of the best Eastern Europe’s leading luxury goods retailers. Another study by the McKinsey consultation firm founds that allowing customers to customize their luxury footwear using a 3D configurator led to a whopping increase of 50% in online conversion rate for a brand.

Another research from Deloitte shows that customers who prefer the option of personalizing products were happily willing to pay a premium price to do so – up to 20%.

Keep in mind, that these are just the direct revenues linked to a 3D product configurator – it doesn’t include the other indirect benefits that boost your bottom line and overall sales numbers by making it easier for your sales and marketing teams to zin oom in on customer needs and desires.

2. Improve Marketing ROI

Most digital marketing campaigns include at least some paid ad buys, and with conversion rates over 50% – often double or higher than the organic traffic, it’s not hard to understand why. Dig a little deeper, the limitations of pay-per-click advertising strategies become deceptive.

Bringing customers to your landing page or eCommerce store won’t do any good if he or she stays around for only ten to fifteen seconds before moving on.

In simple words, unless you’re investing in providing a better customer experience and working to keep new leads coming to your site, you’re not getting the full value out of your paid ads. Using a 3D configurator software on your eCommerce store won’t just give your marketing team a pool of customer data, but also helps in crafting successful campaigns and leveraging funnels.

In an age of increased privacy concerns and averseness to part with the information, retailers, and store owners have to be creative in what they offer their website, and visitors, in exchange for insight into purchasing behaviors and the decision-making process. 3D product configurators are ready for gamification, though it alone can hook some visitors. 

3. Speed Up Your Sales Cycle

It’s safe to say that, once a buyer has spent some time on the website tweaking the design of a product in your 3D configurator to cater to his ideal combination of features, he’s familiar with the basics of what you offer. If by any chance he reaches out to your sales team, it won’t be about product dimensions or fabric quality, but to ask whether your brand manages its supply chain or if you have testimonials to share. 

4. Lower Return Rates and Reduce Customer Complaints

Because 3D configuration gives customers such ownership or control over the design and feel of their purchase, they’re more likely to feel that the final product meets their needs and is perfect for the intended purpose. 

Retailers using 3D configurator software and other tools have reported higher rates of customer satisfaction. Having the option not only to examine details of your purchase but to feel like a creator in the design process, lower return rates, and increases confidence in the purchase decision. 

5. Transition to Made-to-Order Inventory Model

 When 72% of customers say that they only engage with personalized messaging and 80% say that they shop with brands that offer a personalized experience, it’s safe to say that some element of audience role in the co-creation of the product has become the norm in the retail business, if not downright critical for growth. 

With the shift towards increasingly specific products, comes the challenge of managing huge stocks and inventory. Predictive analytics can only take you so far, no one wants to be stuck trying to figure out how to dispose of 3,000 pairs of blue bikini tops that no one is willing to purchase at the end of your summer swimwear campaign.

Using a 3D product configurator, you can limit production only to the specific products designed and ordered by customers, thereby avoiding huge stocks and unused inventory. 

Where to Get a 3D Product Configurator for Your eCommerce Store?

At Simplio3D, we help online retailers design a unique, creative, and fully customized immersive online shopping experience that transforms customers into creators, allowing them to build and interact with different versions of your products. All without any expensive development, custom coding, and complicated rollouts. 

For retailers, Simplio3D’s configuration solutions integrate seamlessly with existing workflows such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Salesforce, making setup and deployment easier.

Their experienced team is ready to guide you through every step, ensuring that your 3D configurator delivers the optimal experience. Contact Simplio 3D today to get an immersive 3D configurator software for your eCommerce store.

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