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How Call Tracking Software Can Help Businesses and Agencies

Google Analytics and Google Ads allow you to measure the success of your marketing campaigns, double down on the most profitable traffic sources and replace underperforming parts of the sales funnel. Call tracking software does the same for phone calls.

Solutions like call tracking from Phonexa are indispensable for businesses that thrive on phone calls. Whether you sell cars, insurance, or consult over the phone, Phonexa’s Call Logic has everything to put you in the driver’s seat of your business. From tracking to distributing to analyzing inbound and outbound calls, the Call Logic platform will help you convert more callers and enhance the customer journey to ultimately grow your ROI.

Read on to learn what call tracking is and how your business can leverage this marketing solution.

What Is Call Tracking?

Call tracking works by using a unique toll-free phone number for each of your marketing campaigns. This unique number allows tracking every interaction of every caller individually before they get in contact with sales agents.

Call tracking provides you with information on your callers and marketing campaigns:

  1. Callers: location, demographics, gender, timestamp, duration of calls, whether this is the first call from the customer, whether the call converted, and more.
  2. Marketing campaigns: what ads generate calls, how many calls are generated, what ad triggered a particular call, keyword performance, caller’s interests, etc.

Why Should You Invest in Call Tracking?

For a call-processing business, it’s almost impossible to beat the competition without call tracking. Since most customers are skeptical of newer technologies – for example, only 13% of customers use chatbots instead of phone calls to contact customer service – calls remain a critical aspect of the conversion journey.

The statistics don’t lie:

  • Calls to U.S. businesses from various ads have more than doubled since 2014.
  • 65% of leads would rather make a call than contact a business in any other way.
  • Phone calls have higher conversion rates, up to 50%, or up to 15 times more than web leads.

Сall tracking is crucial for converting leads and improving the overall customer journey, which leads to a higher customer satisfaction level, a boost in brand loyalty, and an increase in the long-term ROI.

Interactive Voice Response

An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is an integral part of almost any call tracking software that allows you to inform your customers before they speak to a live agent and process some requests on the spot.

A typical IVR asks a set of questions while providing a few answers to each question. As the lead selects answers, you get the information you can use to empower your sales agents and adjust your marketing strategies.

A well-designed IVR can:

  • Scale your business. Customers hate queues. In fact, 41% of callers will abandon the call after waiting in a call queue for too long. An IVR allows processing any number of callers simultaneously, taking the pressure off live agents.
  • Create your brand voice. IVRs are customizable, allowing for creating a unique brand voice recognized by leads. The room for creativity is unlimited.
  • Improve the customer journey. Every four in five customers prefer doing their own research before reaching out to a live agent. The lion’s share of callers would take advantage of an IVR system if they had a chance.
  • Protect against fraud. An IVR system can help you eliminate duplicate and fraudulent leads, saving time and money.

Call Distribution and Recording

As leads interact with your brand, call tracking software collects the information that is then used to direct them to the most relevant agent, who is either the most knowledgeable agent or – if you’re an agency selling live calls – the one offering the best price (or both).

Call distribution is just as important as an IVR. A wisely configured call distribution system can:

  • Personalize the caller’s experience. On the caller’s side, it’s all about getting exhaustive answers to their questions in the shortest time, and most customers are willing to share details to speed up the process. On the other hand, they hate getting generic answers that make them feel like a part of the herd.
  • Solve requests independently from live agents. Payments and simple requests can be solved independently, saving your agents’ time.

Converting callers is only half the job. The other half is to analyze the recordings so you can optimize the customer journey. Call recording will help you process orders, resolve disputes, boost your sales agents’ performance, and understand your customers better.

The good news is call recording is a basic feature of any call tracking software, so it’s not something you’ll miss out on when choosing between the options you have in mind.

Final Thoughts: Boosting Your Business with Call Tracking

Call tracking is of tremendous help for many aspects of your business, from customer experience to remarketing, SEO, budget allocation, scaling, and sales. In today’s ultra-competitive online market, you cannot afford to miss out on this game-changing solution.

Not much effort is needed to update your business with call tracking software. Products like Phonexa’s Call Logic are easy to integrate and manage. Call tracking won’t take long to revolutionize your business – you will see the KPIs growing in the first reporting period.

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