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How Can One Complete AFCAT Syllabus In 6 Months?

AFCAT, or the Air Force Common Entrance Test, is a national examination conducted for admission to the Flying Branch and Ground Duty posts in the Indian Air Force. The AFCAT exam is conducted twice a year for both male and female candidates. 

About AFCAT Examination

Air Force Common Admission Test is required for all applicants seeking technical or non-technical positions. There will be 100 questions, each worth three points. As a result, the total score will be 300. The applicant will receive three points for each accurate answer, but one point will be subtracted for each incorrect response.

Candidates must be familiar with the AFCAT syllabus and its accompanying aspects. Get acquainted with the relevant topics and subjects specified in the syllabus. Applicants must be familiar with the syllabus and its criteria to do well in the test. The quality of numerical ability questions would be matriculation level. Other topics will be at the graduate level. BYJU’S Exam Prep is one of the best platforms you can rely on to crack the exam.

Examination Scheme and Format for AFCAT

The Indian Air Force categorizes the AFCAT selection procedure into three sections.

  • The AFCAT exam is the initial step in the recruitment process: An online examination is administered, and applicants who do exceptionally well and meet the cutoff are advanced to the next round of the selection process.
  • SSB Interview/Personality Test: Applicants who have been are shortlisted will be invited for an interview or a personality test. This round will assess applicants based on their personality and intelligence.
  • Medical Exam: Applicants must be medically fit to be considered.
  • Final Merit List: The final merit list will be announced based on the candidates’ combined marks in the written exam and the interview.

Preparation Strategy For AFCAT

Applicants must devise an effective plan to ace the exam. Here are some recommendations for efficient preparation. To accomplish the intended goals, they must proceed appropriately.

  • Understand the AFCAT syllabus and exam format.
  • Evaluate your strengths and shortcomings, refine your skills, and improve your weaknesses.
  • Examine past years’ exam papers and test series. Try to finish the question papers within the time limit. Taking mock tests will help you adjust to the conditions of the exam hall.
  • Don’t forget to exercise and revise the fundamentals.
  • Ensure you establish accuracy and speed to finish the exam on time.

Tips To Complete The Syllabus In 6 Months

  • The syllabus for AFCAT is extensive, especially for individuals applying for the Ground Duty Technical Branch, as they must take both AFCAT and EKT. Read the best books for the AFCAT that will cover the curriculum and help you prepare well. Aside from that, for English, you must write at least one essay every day and check for grammatical mistakes and the relevancy of the subject.
  • It is necessary to practice past years’ question papers to understand the actual trend of the test, like the sorts of questions asked and the difficulty level. Thus, to boost your chances of selection, you should practice the AFCAT previous years’ question papers.
  • It is critical to take the AFCAT sample test to ensure exam readiness. Solving the AFCAT exam series will allow you to focus on your weak points and eventually improve them. You will also be able to increase your speed and accuracy to outperform the competitors in the AFCAT exam.
  • Studying online with AFCAT coaching courses at BYJU’S Exam Prep will allow you to prepare for the forthcoming AFCAT exam in an organized way. Professional faculty members with decades of expertise teach the AFCAT Online Coaching Classes.
  • You may get your questions answered in real-time and practice over 1000 problems and various mock examinations and get study material PDFs to prepare correctly and beat the competition.

Through dedicated learning and effective strategy, aspirants can complete the AFCAT syllabus in six months. Online learning resources from BYJU’S Exam Prep portal can be beneficial in the preparation. Aspirants must practice the AFCAT mock test series to better prepare for the AFCAT exam. Skilled instructors design these tests to help you score higher on the exam with confidence.

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